Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy 8 month Birthday Macy!

Today my sweet little girl is 8 months old!  I can't help but think back at how much has happened in these last 8 months.  I have had the happiest days (when she was born and many times after) and the saddest days (when we found out she had this disease).  What an emotional roller-coaster it has been.  Even with everything that is going on I wouldn't trade Macy for anything in this world.  I love her so much; and just seeing that smiling face everyday makes everything and anything we have to go through worth it. 

I love putting bows in her hair!

The last couple of weeks have definitely put everything in perspective.  All the things that matter in life are family, and that they are healthy.  Everything else is small potatoes compared to that.  And to think before we received this news one of the biggest dilemmas in my life was trying to figure out what new handbag to use.....seems so silly now.  Of course we were dealing with Macy's kidney, thumb, and eating issues but none of them were life threatening.  The Dr.'s kept telling us; "atleast she is healthy", and we agreed.  They were all things we had to work through but could be fixed; but this cannot be fixed.

Anyways, I took Macy's feeding tube out last night.  I was able to dream feed her her normal 4am feeding but she woke up for her 7am feeding so she didn't eat anything.  She did pretty good with her "high chair" session today and happily opened her mouth for an empty spoon, and for a little taste of bananas a few times.  I feel like we are making progress; it will just take some time.  I was also able to syringe feed her 1oz. of formula while she was awake for her 10am feeding.  That would be fine if it didn't take 30 min. to feed her 1oz. bc I have to feed her 1ml at a time.  Not very efficient but atleast it is something for now since she won't drink out of the bottle if she is awake.  She still views her Sippy Cup as positive and so far we just keep a little bit of water in it.  Hopefully she will start drinking out if it soon!  She is also becoming more interested in feeding herself puffs while we are eating meals.  For every one that makes it to her mouth there are about 10 on the floor; but I am glad she is becoming interested in food somewhat.  However, I think Bela (our dog) is sick of banana puffs because last night she would even eat them.

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