Friday, June 3, 2011

Mackinaw Vacation Pictures

Getting ready to get on the ferry over to the Island

Fort Mackinac

Mommy, Daddy, Macy & Bela at the welcome center on the Island

Macy on Memorial Day with her Monkey we got in a gift shop

At the Marina on Mackinac Island waiting for Macy to fall asleep so we can feed her

Macy posing for the camera in the camper

Macy & Daddy @ Mill Creek

Macy & Mommy @ Mill Creek
*****We also had one of those Old fashion pictures taken on the Island.  I will see if I can scan it and put it up......Macy looks so cute in it.  She is a little cowgirl!  :)


  1. Great pictures Jenn!! Macy is getting to be so big!

  2. Macy is a very cute baby. I love her smile it just lites me up inside when I see her smile . very cute..

  3. Thank you! We love her smile too! She is always so happy! Take care.