Thursday, June 9, 2011

Insurance: can't live with it, but you can't live without it either

Health Insurance is such a stressful thing in life.....when you need it.  When you don't really need it your like; wow, we have pretty good insurance.  A copay here, a copay there.  Maybe a prescription or Dr.'s visit every now and again.  No biggie.  When you need it; I mean really need it it all of a sudden doesn't seem so great anymore.  Everything's a fight and they don't want to cover anything.  Why can't they just pay for what they are supposed to?  Don't they know children's lives hang in the balance?  I guess they don't care, and that's really too bad.  

Anyways, my ramblings are a result of another denial of coverage.  This time they are refusing to pay for the testing to find out what Complementation Group Macy is in.  Finding this out is soooooo important for her treatment.  What group she is in plays a huge role in when her bone marrow will fail, and how early she is going to get cancer, and what cancers she is more prone to getting.  Does she have only a 8%-10% chance of living past 10 years, or a 20%-40% chance?  That's a big deal.

UGH!  Another added stressor.  As I type this I look over and can't help but laugh.  Macy is rolling around with a huge smile on her face slapping the bottom of her foot!  She loves playing with her feet and sometimes I catch her pulling her sock off, and she holds it in front of her face and starts yelling at's so funny!  :)  All it takes is one look into those beautiful blue eyes and my stress melts away!  Love her so much!

Okay enough venting, I just had to get that off my chest and now I can spring to action.  If they want an appeal; that's what they'll get.  30 pages showing research and statistical evidence as to why this information is so important.  If that fails; next step is to show up on their door step!

Time to go play with Macy now.......and also today is my hubby's birthday!  Happy 32nd Birthday to the most wonderful husband in the world, and even a greater daddy!  I love you and Macy so much!  You both are my heart!

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  1. Do you have Children's Special Health Care Services for Macy? Jillian has it and it pays for anything that is not covered by our personal health insurance. If you don't have it, let me know and I can get you information to get her set up. The cost of the coverage is based on your income, but we have never paid more than what the doctor's bills would have cost! Email me if you want information or Adam can email me on Facebook. Tara