Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Victory's!

With all the stressors that come along with Macy's disease; I have found it is very important to celebrate the "little victory's" that she has.  It gets to be so easy to focus on all the negative things, and easy to overlook the little things.  

With most parents and children it is a natural process.....hunger = eating & thirst = drinking.  Their babies suck on everything...their binky's, thumbs, bottles, toys, etc.  As sucking is an important part of oral development.  Macy has never been big on the binky; which is fine.  But after she got home from her hospitalization in early March she never sucked on anything again while awake.  Nothing!  She puts toys in her mouth, chews on them, and moves things around with her tongue; but never would "suck".  I think she was too afraid of the pain of her reflux coming back.  And it was a strong fear for her.  That learned behavior just got worse over time.  

Anywho, last night I was giving her her meds.  Prevacid is a solu-tab pill, and her Zantac we give to her with a syringe.  One thing Macy LOVES is water.  So I can usually get her to take her meds better if I give her some water afterward.  If I tell her she will get water it motivates her to swallow her meds faster because she wants the water.  I usually squirt water with a syringe in both cheeks, upper teeth, lower teeth, etc. kind of cleaning out the taste of the meds in her mouth.  She thinks it hilarious.  As I was doing this yesterday, she actually SUCKED on the syringe like you would on a straw.  So every time she sucked on it I squirted water in her mouth.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Sucking???  Macy???? OMG!  She loved it, and it is a huge step forward in my mind.  I was so excited and I hope this is the beginning of getting more liquids in her.

She did get her 9 month pictures taken this weekend.  I made the mistake of making the appt. before her afternoon nap so she was tired and would not smile for the life of her!  It is usually so easy to make her smile.  So we did not have very many pictures to choose from, but atleast we got something.  We had a very nice Father's Day at Macy's Grandparent's house with her Aunt's, Uncle, and cousins.  Poor Bela was left home since we had to stop by the mall on the way home so she missed out on playing with her canine cousins! 

I think I am all set for Macy's Birthday presents now.  I always buy everything early, but I just realized that it is time to start thinking of her birthday party.  I can't believe she will be 1 soon, and I can't wait for her birthday celebration we will have.  Now I just need to decide...Disney Princess or Tinkerbell and Fairies?   It will definitely be Disney though....all you that know us know we love Disney World....Adam and I had our wedding there which was truly magical, and we love going there on vacation as much as we can.  I can't wait until Macy is 2 or 3 so we can take her...I know she will love it as much as we do!
Macy in the hospital right after she was born! Our little angel was 5lb. 9oz. and 18 inches long!  Seems like just yesterday that we brought her home!

Macy does have 2 appointments this week.  We meet with her Pedi Surgeon about her G tube on Wed., and she has her 2nd feeding therapy appt. on Sat.  Let's hope it goes well!

Take care

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