Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Macy had her 1st feeding therapy appointment today.  She did a pretty good job eating from a spoon.  Usually she loves drinking water from a little open top cup, but today for some reason she wanted nothing to do with it!  :)  It's funny how kiddos make you look like liars sometimes!  You tell someone......oh yeah she does awesome with _________; then you go and show them and your kiddo looks at you like "what" I'm not doing that.  ha ha!

The feeding therapist said her oral motor functions are normal, etc.  Our issue is getting her to like eating again (since she has such a bad association with it from her reflux), and to increase the volume.  Since this is going to take many months we are going to go ahead with our appt. with the Ped. Surgeon next week to discuss getting a G tube put in.  It is a hard decision to make but I think it will help so much, and take the pressure off eating.  We can give her all her nutrition via feeding pump throughout the night so we can sleep too (which will be soooo nice), and then no pressure during the day and we can concentrate on  her eating skills.  Right now we cannot go anywhere or do anything or it interferes with her eating schedule. We want her to eat as much as possible so I devote my entire life around feeding Macy, and making sure she takes her naps at the right time of day so she will eat.  All in all I think it will be a good choice for us to get the tube; and will increase our quality of life too.  I would do anything for her; but I must admit I am physically getting burnt out from getting so little sleep in the past 9 months....a body can only handle so much and mine is almost to it's point of exhaustion.  

On a side note, we bought Macy this little pop up beach tent today.  We put it up in the living room and she had a ball rolling around in it.  It will come in handy for when we go camping, and go to the beach.  She will have her own little mosquito-free room to play in and to keep out of the looked so comfy I am thinking of ordering a beach cabana for us too!  I have some pictures of her in it so if I get time this week I will post them!

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