Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July...and on to Surgery!

Hopefully everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!  We had a great time camping at the lake!  We left last Thursday so we could spend a couple extra days out there.  The weather was hot; except there were storms the first night which woke Macy up around 1:30am.  I think that mixed with being in a new place kinda scared her because she woke up and wouldn't stop crying.  We ended up coming home to be courteous to the other campers (luckily we only live 10 min. away).  Other than that night; Macy did great!  She took her naps and went to bed great, and slept all night!  She also had a lot of fun taking walks, playing with her toys, sitting around the camp fire, and playing with her cousins that were there too.  

We also came back to the house yesterday and got our boat; so Macy had her very first boat ride!  She looked so cute in her little life jacket; and loved what she was awake for.  I think she fell asleep right after we got out of the channel!  I have some cute pictures that I will post later.

The great thing about camping for 4th of july weekend is not having to drive anywhere to see the fireworks.  They have their own fireworks over the lake so everyone walks down to the beach about 20 min. before they start and set up their chairs, etc.  Then when they are over you just go back to your fighting with traffic!!!!  Macy fell asleep before they started, but about halfway in she woke up, and just sat there and watched them quietly.  She loves lights, so I am pretty sure she liked watching the fireworks.  She did not seem afraid of the noise-factor at all!

So now we are home and getting ready for Macy's surgery in the morning.  I am nervous; but I am sure it will all go well.  I just hope we are making the right decision, and that the G tube doesn't cause any NEW puking; which I have read can happen.  We definitely don't need that.  So, here's to a successful surgery, no complications, a quick recovery, and having Macy tolerate the feeds well with no puking!

Take care,


  1. I hope Macy's surgery went well yesterday. I just ran across your blog on the FARF website. My daughter Bella is 7 and was diagnosed with FA last September. She has a g-tube too and has had one since she was one day old and we love it. I am sure Macy will do great with the tube as well! She's such an adorable young lady!

  2. Thank you Stephanie! Everything seems to be going pretty well so far. I hope your precious little Bella is doing well! Our little angels definitely make us appreciate every day so much more!