Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No news is good news!

Things have been going pretty well here with Macy and her recovery!  She seems to be tolerating her feeds pretty well, and is starting to roll over onto her tummy again which tells me it is healing well.  We are getting use to her new routine, and I must is nice!  It seems like we have so much more time now to do things and play!  Her dad and I were commenting that we actually watched a movie together the other night for the very 1st time in almost 10 months!  Before, one of us would have to go to bed early to get up to feed her at 3:30am, and the other would have to stay up to feed her at midnight.  It is so nice not to have to worry about that anymore because the feeding pump feeds her all night! She is starting to get back into the swing of things with her feeding sessions too.  I tried a banana, plum, grape puree today and she seemed to like it.  She has a feeding therapy appt. on Thursday so hopefully she will continue to do well.  

We went down to the hospital today to get Macy's sutures taken out from her G tube site.  I was not looking forward to it, but she actually handled it pretty well.  She cried a little bit when they pulled them out, but then she was fine and played with her toys.  I was glad that it didn't seem too painful for her.

One thing that I absolutely love that she has started doing is whispering.  She loves to whisper the words, mama, yeah, and hi!  It is so funny, and she gets a big kick out of it too!

For the first time in a long time Macy has a week with NO appointments next week.  My family is going to be camping at the lake by our house for a week and a half so it will be nice to go out and visit them this weekend and throughout the week.  OMG!  I just realized it is 10 days until my birthday.  Usually I don't think twice about it but this year it is a big one.....30!  UGH! (totally random thought).  Anywho...

Still no word from the insurance company regarding our appeal....I am hoping no news is good news right now!  I'll keep my fingers crossed!

take care,

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