Friday, July 8, 2011

We're Home!

We are home now!  (yeah!).  We actually got home from the hospital around 10:00pm on Wednesday night, and it has taken a little bit to get use to the new routine.  Macy's surgery went well; no complications!  She was in a lot of pain when she woke up so they had to give her a couple doses of morphine....poor thing!  I have never seen her cry so much; it was sad to watch.  For the whole first day if she was awake she was crying.  And it was a hoarse sounding cry due to the breathing tube they had in during the surgery.  Here are her before and after pictures!  The first one is right before they took her into surgery.  She has a huge smile on her face and is waving at the camera.  The second one is in recovery right after she woke up.  She was so puffed up from the anesthesia it almost doesn't look like her.
Daddy & Macy right before surgery

Daddy & Macy right after surgery...neither look too excited!
Macy slept a lot the first day; but the second day she started feeling a bit better, and was getting back to her old self again.  Here is a picture of her trying to take off the little "hugs" tether on her ankle!  The purple thing is just the wrap to keep her IV in place so she doesn't pull it out.
We now have Macy on a slow, constant drip feed with the pump while she sleeps at night.  It stops about an hour before she wakes up, and she seems to be tolerating it well.  Then during the day I give her 3 bolus feeds during our meal times.  She did puke a little bit once; but seems to be handling them okay.  She had a feeding therapy appt. yesterday and was pretty wary of the therapist since she just got out of the hospital.  But she ended up eating some for her so that's good.  I am going to resume our typical "highchair" solid food eating sessions tomorrow probably so she doesn't lose her oral feeding progress we have made.  She goes in next week to get the sutures taken out that they put in during her surgery to hold the stomach and abdominal wall together.  After that she should be pretty much healed.  She only has the incision from where the G tube is; and in her belly button where they put the camera through to see in the tummy.

Here are some recent pictures from 4th of July camping, etc.  This one is Macy playing in the camper before bedtime!
 Macy's first ride in the boat!  She fell asleep right after we got out of the channel!
 Macy and Daddy after the boat ride!  She seemed to enjoy it even though she wasn't awake for long, but maybe she will stay awake longer next time!
                Macy posing for the picture with some left over food on her face!
                                So cute in her little flower headband!
                                      Rolling around on the bed in the camper!

So that's all the pictures for now!  She seems to be doing pretty well post surgery so hopefully that continues!  No sign of reflux yet....the Dr. said a G tube sometimes makes reflux worse due to the angle the stomach pulled up, and due to the fact the balloon takes up some room in the tummy.  Let's hope that doesn't happen, because that will cause a whole new set of problems.  Atleast we can be confident now that she will get all the nutrition she needs, and hopefully she won't have this tube in for too long.  In about 3 weeks we will have to do this all over again because she gets her first hand surgery....not looking forward to when she wakes up in recovery....that part was pretty awful.  But atleast when it's over; it's over!

Take care,

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