Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost 1!

Well, 2 more weeks and Macy is 1 year's old already!  Wow, that is so crazy to think about.  So much has happened since little Macy girl has honored us with her arrival that Thursday night!  9:45pm to be exact!  Our little princess was 5lb. 9oz. and 18 inches long.  I can't wait to see her in the little Ariel Princess dress I bought her.  She is going to look adorable!

We had a nice weekend up in Ludington, and here are some pictures of Macy at Adam's cousin's wedding, of her on the beach on Lake Michigan, and in the pool with Adam.  FYI:  If you love will love "The Chuck Wagon" pizza up is delicious!

Macy & Adam on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Sunset

Macy getting ready in the hotel for an evening swim with Adam

Me and Macy in the pool area

Macy in the pool with Adam under the water behind her holding onto her

Macy only has feeding therapy this week!  (yeah)  I looked at her calendar for September and so far besides weekly feeding therapy she only has 3 appointments scheduled and they are all in the same week (19th).  She gets her stitches out of her hand from her surgery, she has her hematology/oncology appointment for her blood work up she has to get done every 3-4 months to check her blood cell count, platelets, etc.  We decided with her hematologist's approval to put off her bone marrow biopsy for another 6 months or so, and she has her 1 year well child visit.  Hopefully she will be a bit higher than the 1 percentile for weight now that we have had her G tube in for the past 6 weeks.
Picking up Macy from Grandma & Grandpa's house

Happy 5 year wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband Adam!  He is everything I could ever want in a husband and father, and so much more!  Would not have wanted anyone else by my side this past year, and am looking forward to so many more blessed year's with you and our little Macy girl!  Love you both so much!

take care,

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