Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Times!

We had a really nice time this weekend...but before I get into that I wanted to mention that Macy never did get her cast off last Thursday.  Her Dr. office called that morning and her Dr. was called into emergency surgery so we had to reschedule.  She is getting it off tomorrow now; and luckily because we accidently got it soaked this weekend.

We went to the lake camping this weekend.  We had a really relaxing time and Macy slept wonderfully!  :)  We did lose power due to some storms on Saturday, but it was turned back on around 9pm.  It's funny because we were just about to go to the dock to pull the boat out of the water around sunset and we heard lots of cheering going on all over the campground.....then everyone's lights turned on all at the same time....YES we have power!  You would have thought someone had just scored the winning touchdown at a home football game or something from all the cheers and screams.  

So after the rain in the late afternoon we did take the boat out.  Since it was so late it wasn't a long ride; but some funny stuff did happen anyways.  It was around 6:30pm and time to feed Macy so we pulled up on the East side of an island to dock out of the sun.  Adam thought the water was only a few feet deep since we were so close to shore so he jumped over the edge of the boat with the anchor in his arms....and down he plummeted to the bottom.  I looked at the depth finder and it said it was 8 feet deep there.  Ooops!  I started yelling out "are you alright?" and he quickly surfaced and said he lost a shoe (he was wearing crocs).  It was pretty funny though.  So we fed Macy, and cruised around for a little bit....she was laughing and smiling the whole way.
Macy out on the boat...she's a little upset because she is hungry in this picture!

Ha ha ha....This picture is hilarious.  Adam setup Macy's little orange seat on the boat seat so we put her in it for a minute and she hated it because it pushed her life jacket up far and squished her face up.  She looks so round and chubby (and stiff from the life jacket) in this cute!  :)
Here are a couple other misc. pictures of camping this weekend!

Macy and mommy hanging out camping

Daddy and Macy hanging out camping

Macy was very interested in the coke bottle...she is pretending to drink silly!

Macy taking a tubby in the camper!  We taped a plastic bag around her cast to keep it dry.   Somehow water got in there and it was soaked.  Luckily she is getting it off tomorrow.  We keep joking that the Dr. is going to take it off and water and noodles are going to fall out now.  Fettuccine noodles from last week when she stuffed them in there at dinner time, and water from this tubby!

We got home from camping this afternoon then met Macy's grandparent's, aunts, uncle, and cousins at Kobe for dinner.  It is a nice Japanese restaurant in town.  They have the big open grill where they make your food in front of you and do tricks, etc.  It was a lot of fun, but when the chef lit the stove on fire (on purpose) and the flame went about 3 feet high it scared Macy and she started crying.  Here is a picture of Macy before the flame, and Macy in Adam's arms after the flame.

Macy before the flame (we brought our own high chair because it is easier sometimes than using restaurant provided one's)

Macy after the flame

Our chef cutting up some steak....yum yum!

He did cut up some small pieces of shrimp and chicken and tossed them to us to see who could catch them in our mouths.  Charlie caught one (macy's uncle), Katelyn tried a couple but they bounced off her chin (macy's cousin), I caught a piece of chicken on the first try!  whoop whoop!  :)  And Adam almost caught some chicken, and when he thought he was done and wasn't looking the chef threw another piece at him and it bounced off his was pretty funny!  So the food was great, and we had a really good time!  I also have leftovers for lunch tomorrow because you get a ton of food!  Good times!

We got home and got some yard work and house work done.  Here is Macy playing on the deck in her exersaucer, and playing with her little laptop.

So that was a nice end to a great weekend!  And now Macy will get her cast off tomorrow (for real this time).  And that is the only appointment she has this week!  I am looking forward to a nice quiet week. 

take care,

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