Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Index Pollicization

Macy had her cast taken off today and her hand looks great!!!  We are very happy with the way it looks; her Dr. did an excellent job!  She still has a splint she has to wear at night and for a little bit during the day for a few more weeks, but we can take it off and let her play for a while each day.  

We were going to just keep it on a few days before taking it off, but Adam took Macy for a walk today when we got home from the Dr.  He looked down in the middle of the walk and Macy had taken the splint off already so we left it off the rest of the day.  Here are some pictures of Macy's new hand, and her playing with some toys.
Macy playing with a can't even tell at this angle that her left hand is missing a finger!

Macy's new hand!  The black stuff is the scabs that still need to heal from the incisions, and some stitches that still need to come out.

Macy playing with her new hand....she was so excited to be able to use it again!
We are done with appointments this week so just fun, and playing the rest of the week!  I am guessing Macy's surgery on her right hand will be in October, maybe November.  That hand will be a completely different surgery because her thumb is functional on that hand, but is weak and not placed correctly on the hand.  Basically, she will need a thumb rotation, and some muscle transfers to strengthen her MP joint.  And maybe deepening of the web space if needed.  Then hopefully we will be done with the hand surgeries and just need to get her eating up to get her off the G tube in the next 6 months.  Definitely heading in the right direction!

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