Friday, August 5, 2011

Surgery Pictures

Our last day with floppy thumb!  Macy is playing with her sippy cup at dinner in this picture.

Mommy and Macy laughing and playing, and saying goodbye to floppy thumb!

Macy in the waiting room at the hospital playing with the keys on my purse!  We love her little pink camo PJ's!

We had to be at the hospital at 5:30am so we were all tired; even Macy!  She fell asleep in her daddy's arms. You can see the purple "X" on her left arm that they had me put on as protocol to make sure they do surgery on the correct hand.

 Family picture before Macy was taken into surgery....they took her around 8:00am!  She did wake up as the Anesthesiologist was carrying her down the hall to preop.  It was so sad seeing him walk away with her, and knowing that floppy thumb would be going back.  We were so nervous.

Macy still asleep after her surgery.  We got to see her in recovery around 2:00pm.  Her IV is in her right hand so that arm is splinted; and her full arm cast is on the left.  Poor baby!  :(

Me holding her in the recovery room after she woke up.  She is not happy!

Macy back to her happy self at home!  She is hanging out on her new bean bag that her Grandma Stewart got her, and wearing her new shirt (to fit over her cast) that her Grandma Thornton got her!  You can see how much the cast slid down.  The top was up to her shoulder and her finger tips were ticking out the bottom initially.

Yesterday we went back to the Dr. and he put on a new hot pink cast!  It seems to be fitting, and working much better than the other one.  Let's hope it stays on for a couple more weeks until it is time to get it off.  Her little fingers and new thumb stick out the end.  I even saw her move her little thumby today!

Macy has been very interested in her hands and fingers since her surgery.  She pays a lot of attention to each finger and how they move, pinch, and look.  She also grabs small things and tries to put them in her casted hand.  She was concentrating so hard today on trying to grab something with that hand that when I spoke to her it startled her so much she literally jumped and threw the toy.  It was funny!

We had a HUGE breakthrough the other day with drinking.  Macy can officially drink out of a straw now!  She does great at it, and will be able to get so many more liquids by mouth now.  I haven't tried giving her anything but water so far because I don't want to ruin it and turn her off from the straw.  All it takes is one bad experience and it will be like starting over again.  So we will stick to water for now.  But, that is one more step towards getting her G tube out.  Now i just have to figure out how to get her to like milk.

Macy also had a liver ultrasound yesterday.  It was after she got her new cast on so she screamed her head off.  But, we made it through it, and hopefully she won't have to have anymore for a while.  I am not sure if it is because she had another surgery recently or what; but is seems like Macy is vomiting up almost all of her feedings during the day now.  Her GI specialist wanted us to try the AR formula (added rice starch) so we started that yesterday and it seems to be helping.  She has been sleeping pretty good at night, but the AR formula has been clogging her feeding machine at night so the alarm has been going off ALL the time.  I did some research and it looks like it clumps easily so I bought a mixing pitcher and hopefully we can make it without clumps.

Well, a couple more weeks and we should be able to see Macy's new hand.  I can't wait to see the look on her face when she realizes she can pick something up easily without having to scissor with two lateral fingers.

take care,

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