Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eating Machine

So I really don't want to jinx myself when I say this; but Macy has turned into quite the little eating machine this past week.  She has transitioned from smooth purees to chunks like a pro, and is doing awesome at eating crunchy foods.  She is starting to take a spoon and put it in her mouth to take bites herself, and had lasagna today and ate the noodle pieces like it didn't phase her one bit.  I have even started giving her a little bit of milk at her meals and she doesn't seem to mind it at all. (let's hope this continues!).  She doesn't like juice though.  I think it may be too tarte for her so I tried diluting it with water.  She still didn't seem too wild about it.  Oh thing at a time!
Macy's first spaghetti face!
Eating chocolate cake at her birthday party!
Macy's Birthday cake!

Macy's birthday party went well!  We had a good time, and we were glad that everyone could make it.  Macy did excellent; even skipped her nap and wasn't fussy at all.  She was taking everything and everyone in.  It's so weird now when we are somewhere and someone asks how old she is, and I say 1.  It seems so old!
Mommy/Daughter picture

Macy's b-day dress and "1" crown

This is the best family photo we have.  Adam looking at the camera, me saying "take the picture already", and Macy looking in another direction.

Macy has 3 appointments this week.  She saw her hand surgeon on Monday.  She had her 1 non-dissolvable stitch removed.  He said it is looking good.  The outside is completely healed now; but the inside has some hard scar tissue that he said will soften over time.  It will take 6-12 months to see what kind of full range of motion she has with it.  We meet with him again at the end of November, and we will talk about the surgery on her right thumb then.

Today Macy had her 1 year well child check up.  She was 29 inches long, and 17 lbs.  She is still small, but is gaining weight.  She went from the 1 percentile to the 2.5 percentile so she is getting up there.  Her length is still in the 47 percentile so that is good.  She did have to get 4 shots today.  2 in her legs and 2 in her arms.  I felt SOOO bad for her.  She cried when they did her legs; but her arms....oh I have never heard her scream like that before.  Hopefully these are the last shots for a long time.

Thursday she has her hematology/oncology appt. where she will need to get blood drawn.  She will have to get blood drawn every 3-4 months for the rest of her life now.  :(   I would like to say maybe she will get used to it; but does one ever get used to getting poked with needles?  probably not.  

We have 2 more camping trips coming up this year.  The fall after labor day is usually some of our favorite times to camp.  It's not busy; we can get a lot on the lake or channel; and the weather is usually perfect: warm with a slight chill at night which is perfect for a camp fire.  I ended up buying Macy another Halloween costume.  We have 3 Halloween events this year so she is going to be a cow, and a witch!  She'll be so cute!  can't wait.  In case I haven't mentioned this; Halloween is our favorite holiday.

Let's see...what else has been going on?  We have decided to forgo a vacation now and are going to rip out our carpet and floor up stairs and down and put in wood floor.  We bought all the flooring and paint (we are going to re-paint first) so that will be an interesting winter project.  Should be nice when it is done though.  I need to see a Urologist due to some kidney stones I passed this week (ouch!).  I had a CT scan done the other night which confirmed one making it's way down; plus multiple other stones in both kidneys (fun fun).  We are always so focused on Macy's health care that when something comes up with one of us we're like "what?  I don't have time for this!"  The last thing I want is to spend more time at the Dr.

Well I think that's it for now.  Let's hope and pray Macy's bloodwork #'s come back all in the normal range still on Thursday!  Here are a couple more pictures.
The morning after in her tutu!

Trying out her new zebra rocking horse

Some of her new toys in her play area of the living room

take care,


  1. Just wanted to stop in and let you know that I am keeping your little girl in my prayers! I have two kids with FA, Marshall our oldest is 8 years post BMT (Minnesota) and Amelia is about 120 days post BMT also Minneapolis. We just returned home from Minneapolis, We've been home about 2 weeks now.
    Blessings to you and your family,
    Kelly Bennett

    Mom to: Marshall, Amelia and Nathan

  2. Thank you Kelly! It is always so uplifting to hear positive stories. That is wonderful that Amelia is past her 100 days and doing great! Macy has her 1st appt. with Dr. Wagner in about a week. Thank you for praying for Macy. We love her so much! I will keep you and your family in my prayers as well. take care,