Thursday, September 15, 2011

Macy's 1st Birthday!

Tomorrow is Macy's 1st birthday!!!  yeah!  Time has gone by so fast this past year.  So much has happened, and our lives have changed so much.  I thought it may be nice to take a little trip down memory lane and remember how little Macy girl came to be!

When Adam turned 30 in the spring of 2009 we knew we better get started on having kids.  Our original goal was to HAVE a child the year he turned 30 and I turned 28, so we were a bit behind.  We took a few month to prepare (prenatal vitamins, etc.) and gave it a go.  I found out I was pregnant with Macy in the middle of January 2010, and we were very excited to be on our journey to parenthood.  Macy was a very calm and relaxed kiddo in-utero.  She moved around but wasn't overly crazy kicking around in there (my placenta was also in the front which makes it so you cannot feel movement as much so that may have been a factor).  But I remember reading something about how your kiddo acts in the womb will show you a sneak/peak of his/her temperament out of the womb.  So far that has seemed about right.

On the morning of September 16th 2010 I got out of bed around 8:30am only to find that my water had broke.  I called Adam at work, took a shower, ate a snack, and waited for Adam to get home (he works about 45 min. away).  I was having no painful contractions at all so it was a very calm, and laid-back drive to the hospital.  We were admitted around 10am (that is the nice thing about your water breaking you are guaranteed to worrying about being sent home).  We watched movies, and called everyone to let them know.  Around 3pm they told me they were going to start the pitocin soon because I still had no painful contractions and was still only a 1 or 2.  After that the contractions did start; but for me they weren't that bad at all and when they came in for my epidural around 6:30pm it still wasn't that bad.  I took the epidural anyways (no point in seeing how bad it can get), and I couldn't even feel my contractions after that.  So we watched more movies.  It came time....and they went to get the nurse.  That was 9:30pm, and I remember that because my mom called at that exact time as we were waiting for the nurse to come in.  The Dr. almost missed the delivery, but came in at the last second, and only 10 minutes later; Macy girl came into this world at 9:45pm.  She was so little at 5lb. 9oz and 18 inches long; and so beautiful.  The whole labor and delivery process was so calm and easygoing....I couldn't have picked for it to have gone any better that what it did. We got so lucky!

I remember bringing her home from the hospital; and she was sooo little that we called my mom before she came over so she could run out quick and buy some preemie clothes and diapers because newborn size were way too big.  I look at those clothes now and I can't believe she ever fit in them.  So little!

It is amazing in 1 year how much change happens in a baby.  From a helpless newborn who can barely raise their head; to a fumbling/all over the place toddler that has her own opinions, likes and dislikes.  She may not be able to verbalize them all yet; but they are there in every squawk, scream, mumble, and short babbly sentence.  And her favorite thing to do right now is slap her daddy in the face...hehehe.  It's not funny; but it is!  lol.  

With all the up's and down's and not so good surprises this past year; I still wouldn't trade it for anything.  This is my family and my life; and I love little Macy girl so much just as she is (and her daddy too)!  

My birthday wish for Macy this year is for everyone in her life to focus on Macy as a little Macy girl that we all love; and not focus on her as the little girl with the blood disease.  Yes, Fanconi Anemia is always going to be part of her life.  But it is something that she has; it's not who she is.  

Happy 1st Birthday Macy girl!!! LOVE YOU!
(birthday pictures to follow next week!)

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