Friday, November 18, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun!

Things have been going pretty well here.  Macy is  starting to eat and sleep better now that we restarted her zantac.  I am going to ask her Dr. next month about upping her prevacid dose.  I have been thinking that maybe it's not that she needs both; maybe her dose just needs to be increased.  Hopefully that will do the trick and we will be rid of zantac forever!

Can't believe that Turkey day is already next week.  I made the mistake of trying out a really tasty dessert recipe this week, and now I cannot stop eating it!  Adam was gone up north hunting until last night so I had it all to myself and ate way more than I should have.  Usually with T-day comes 'Black Friday' shopping for us!  But I am thinking of skipping black friday this year. We always end up buying a ton of stuff we don't need, and I have been trying to de-clutter the house lately.  I don't want to add to the clutter I have been trying to get rid of.  And Macy already has a zillion toys anyways.  I guess we will see if I will be able to resist or not.

Macy is very mobile now.  So good to see!  Here are some pic's of her having fun playing, etc.
Love that smiley face!

Macy's very first ponytail

Playing in her room in her princess tutu!

Two peas in a pod!  Macy and Bela

Mischievous smile...I am sure she is up to something!

Getting ready for winter in her snowflake PJ's

Trying to think of something more fun to do

Love those sparkly blue eyes!
On a different note, Adam and I are getting a date night on Saturday.  Dinner and a movie...should be fun!  We don't get out too often so I am excited.  Although, I am actually looking forward to the boredom of winter.  Maybe get some much needed relaxing in! :)

take care,

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