Friday, December 30, 2011

Kidneys & onto 2012

Macy had her final appointment of 2011 on Wednesday!  I counted on the calendar that we spent 62 days in the hospital/Dr. offices in 2011.  I really hope it is much less in 2012!  

So the appointments she had Wed. were a kidney ultrasound.  She has those every 6 months to make sure her kidney(s) are growing correctly.  She does technically have 2 kidneys, but they are fused together and both on the right side of her body (called a horseshoe kidney).  We then met with Macy's kidney specialist (who is super nice by the way), and she said they are looking great! Her right kidney has always been larger than her "left" kidney; but her left kidney is catching up in growth and they are both pretty much the same size now and are just above the 50th percentile so that is really good news!

Since we were already scheduled to get Macy's blood draw after that appointment for the HLA typing; her Dr. agreed for her nephrology bloodwork to be done in March with her hematology/oncology bloodwork.  And for once we got really lucky with Macy's blood draw. All it took this time was 1 poke, and somehow they hit the perfect spot and her blood flowed really well.  They got the 7cc's they needed easily.  I was SO happy and relieved!  Unless something crazy happens; we have no appointments until March 2012!

December seemed to fly by as tomorrow is New Year's Eve!  We had a wonderful Christmas, and are wishing, hoping, praying for 2012 to be a great year for us.  All we want is a healthy Macy and family; and if all goes according to plan a baby on the way that is FA free and a donor match for Macy.

Here are some pic.'s
Modeling the white headband Christmas Eve morning before putting on her dress

Xmas morning...out of all the toys she received, she only wanted to play with the sailboat that came with her water table

Thank you Angela!  Macy loved everything!

Macy playing with her water table
Even though 2011 has been the hardest year of my life; I can't say it has been the worst.  The worst year would mean involving Macy somehow and those two words "worst" and "Macy" just don't belong in the same sentence.  I guess I can say that the news we received is the worst, and that we've had the most severe stress that I ever could have imagined.  But at the same time anything with Macy involved is the best, brightest, and happiest of my life.  She is everything to us, and we love her more and more each day!  

Here's to a wonderful 2012!  We never know what cures tomorrow may bring!

**oh yeah, and we are 10 days post the elimination of zantac, and so far so good.  Let's hope it continues!

take care,

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