Tuesday, December 6, 2011

T minus 6 days

So we are T minus 6 days to Macy's blood draw....ahhh!  I am starting to feel anxious about it already.  Adam and I are going to be getting our blood drawn as well so they can test it.  Since we are both FA carriers they need to know what specific mutation we both carry.  We need this for the PGD (pre-genetic determination) as well.  Now that Adam will be at the blood draw I am feeling much better about it.  Something about having back-up and not having to try to hold Macy down and calm her alone is a big relief.  Still can't wait till it's over though!

Our IVF consult went well yesterday.  Better than expected actually.  It gave me hope that we can actually pull this off.  The Dr. said given our age and medical history there is about a 60% chance of us getting pregnant per cycle with a 2 embryo transfer. It is a bit higher than usual because we do not have any infertility issues.  The hard part is getting to that point.  Getting enough embryos that meet the requirements to be transferred (FA free and an exact donor match for Macy) is not easy.  Even if we get 20 eggs we will be lucky to have 2 or 3 meet the criteria.  It is just chance.  He said he may be willing to transfer 3 per cycle if we wanted.  Hmmm...that means possible triplets so we need to think about that one.

So these days we are mostly focused on getting all of our testing done that is needed to do this.  I am guessing everything will not be ready until spring.  Genetic testing takes a LONG time.  We are still waiting on Macy's complementation group testing results.  They took her blood sample for that in the middle of August.  We are hoping to hear in January/February those results.  Then they have to sequence that gene depending on those results which takes 1-2 months.  Then test Adam and I's samples to find our carrier mutations, and then do HLA typing on Macy, Adam, and I.  Everything is contingent on the results previous so it takes a while (except the HLA typing).  After we have all that we can start the PGD.  It takes 4-6 weeks for them to "build" the test for our family; then we get the green light to start our meds for the IVF cycle.  Our Dr. said he is going to use the long protocol for me which is 2 months long.  That basically means I will need to start the lovely daily shots in my stomach 2 months before the egg retrieval month.  Fun stuff!  I am not scared of needles but they do bother me a little so giving myself multiple injections daily is going to be interesting.

I am such an impatient person as it is.  So you can only imagine how much all of this is driving me nuts.  Waiting is not a forte of mine.  Or things that are out of my control.  And EVERYTHING related to FA is waiting and out of my control so it is definitely something new I am having to learn to deal with.

Can't believe Christmas is only a couple weeks away.  We have been so busy with everything going on Christmas just seems like a side note right now.  Isn't it crazy how wonderful Christmas is when you are a kid; and when you are an adult the "idea" of Christmas is great; but actual Christmas is okay.  However, it seems like once you have kids the magic of Christmas comes alive a little more just seeing it in their eyes.  I love how excited kids get.  I think that is why Adam and I love Disney so much.  Everyone acts like a kid there.  It is nice to take a break from adulthood for a while (too boring and serious).

take care,



  1. I completely agree about Christmas! :) It is all about Aiden now and seeing him light up at all of it. Hope all your testing goes well and you have a wonderful holiday!