Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Not what we were hoping for...

I know I wasn't planning on coming back online until after the holidays, but I guess that's because I planned on having good news...and I don't.  I had my blood test today, and it was negative. :(   I can't really describe how disappointed I am.  

When we first started down this road last summer I was so optimistic.  I thought without a doubt that if we had something to transfer...that it would stick.  Now after two failed cycles, I am starting to worry.  Starting to get terrified...that this might not work afterall.  

I look at Macy and I keep telling myself that we have to find a way.  We HAVE to.  Her life depends on this.  But it has been so much harder than I thought it would be.  I'm not talking about the shots, or all the appointments....I mean emotionally when you find out your cycle failed.  That my body failed us.  And even how financially draining it is.  Our life savings, 401(k)'s, personal loans...all gone.  At the end of all this if we end up with a baby it doesn't matter how much money it costs.  It'll be totally worth every penny.  But if we walk away with nothing I think I will be devastated.  

This cycle was a complete rollercoaster ride.  Starting out with a cyst on my left ovary.  Never had one before but IVF meds can cause them so it was probably due to my last cycle.  Luckily it was small so we started anyways.  Egg retrieval was scheduled for about Dec. 1st because the IVF coordinator said people usually respond quickly in this different protocol I was trying this time.  Halfway through and I only had 3 measurable follicles on the right, and about 6 on the left.  That wasn't near good enough so it was a tough day.  They upped my meds (doubled per day from the last cycle) plus added 2 more meds in.  The day that I was supposed to trigger came and went.  The day I was supposed to have egg retrieval came and went.  And I was still stimming, worried and nervous if we would get enough.  Having to keep buying more and more meds which we were not prepared for.  My meds were $400.00 per day, and I ended up stimming for 14 days.  UGH!!!

In the end my ovaries came through for us and they retrieved 23 eggs.  The next day we found out that 20 were mature, and 18 fertilized.  We were very happy with that number.  Elated actually! It was almost double of what we had last time.  Three days later the nurse called and said 15 made it to be biopsied.  We were still excited, and thought it may be possible to have even 2 healthy matches this time.  Maybe even 3.  I started dreaming of twins or triplets...and was so excited!  

We arrived on transfer day early as usual.  When the nurse came out she shook her head.  For a moment I felt ill, thinking we didn't have anything to transfer.  But she said they didn't have the results in yet.  So she brought us back, we sat in the room and waited.  About a half hour or so later she came back in telling us to get our gowns on and we were ready to go.  I kept asking Adam if he thought that meant we had something???  His guess was as good as mine.  After getting ready the Dr. came in with the report.  He said we had 1 healthy (FA free) match.  We had another match; but it had FA.  Once again, we were so thankful to have something to transfer.  There were two more that were healthy, but they could only confirm they were HLA matches on the maternal side.  As we were discussing those the lab director came in and said that those were out because they degenerated.

So we transferred our 1, and were very hopeful.  Unfortunately, being hopeful doesn't make an embryo hatch out of it's shell and implant.  So here we are.  Not pregnant.  It just stinks.  The hard part is usually when couples are doing IVF the Dr. can pick out the very best embryos to transfer.  In our case, we are at the mercy of what (if any) are a healthy match.  Regardless, of whether that embryo is good quality or not.  Or is even still growing at all.  That's the one we have to transfer (well...obviously we wouldn't transfer it if it arrested already).  Our first cycle the one we had was only okay quality.  This time it was a good quality embryo but was only an early blast.  So who knows.  

Hoping third time is the cycle probably around March.

take care,

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Signing off till 2013!

So we have a lot of things coming up in the next 6 weeks or so.  Many fun things, and others not so much!

This coming week we are going to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple days.  I know Macy is going to have a blast as she LOVES water!  Last time we went she was too young to really care so it should be a good time for her.  Kinda our last outing until starting our next IVF cycle.  I have my baseline ultrasound on Wednesday; then will start stims a day or so later.  Macy has her blood draw to check her counts in December along with a hip xray (praying for her counts to be stable, and for her hip to be looking good).  This is probably the last hip xray I will allow since FA makes her extremely sensitive to radiation.  Then somewhere in there is hunting season (for Adam), Thanksgiving, and Christmas (maybe a little ice fishing if the weather cooperates)!  It's going to be busy.  We also recently got a snowmobile so I know Macy will enjoy taking little rides on that this winter.  We already have her snowsuit and helmet ready to go!

With that said I am going to take a hiatus from the blog and facebook until the beginning of the year.  I want to get away from technology for a while and just enjoy spending the holidays with Macy, Adam, and our families.  

On the IVF front, if we have something to transfer this time we will know if we are pregnant or not before Christmas, and the first ultrasound will be around the last week of Dec. or first week of January.  Hoping we will have good news in January!!!!  And I am sure I will have lots of good pictures of Macy to share from the Holidays!

Take care, and happy holidays!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time flies when your having...IVF, what?


It seems like this month has just flown by.  I remember when we learned our first cycle failed in September it felt like it would be FOREVER before we could start the next one.  And now we are only 2 weeks away from my baseline ultrasound!  :)  I actually started my bcp's today that they want me on for a couple weeks before I start stims.  Feeling a little better with this cycle now that we know what to expect.  Maybe it'll be a bit more relaxing (not really, but I keep telling myself that).  Definitely making more of an effort to do so.  I am even turning our guest room into my "zen" room for now.  Hopefully that works out because I am not very good at relaxing, or being "zen" for that matter (whatever that means).  I also read there was a study done on women who watched comedies or went to comedy clubs after their transfers and it showed increased implantation rates.  Maybe I need to fill up our Netflix queue with comedies!  Anything that can increase our chances.  Many women do acupuncture, but our insurance doesn't cover it.  :(  So comedies and a zen room will have to suffice! 

So anyways, last week 'Early On' came to do the necessary paperwork for Macy.  They said a speech person would come out 1x a month on a consulting basis.  Basically give me tips on how to increase Macy's speech/language.  I guess she's not that far behind if that's all they are recommending for her.  We'll see what happens, I guess.

Macy and I both went and had our flu shots last week so we are good to go.  Adam had his in the beginning of October so hopefully this means none of us will get sick for the remainder of the winter season (fingers crossed!).

Only 2 days till Halloween and it looks as if it will be a bust this year due to the cold rainy/snowy weather.  Atleast we can bring Macy to the high school/middle school (one of the two can't remember which) to go trick-or-treating if it's too bad.  They started doing that last year so maybe it'll be worth checking out.  I bought her another costume (elephant) this year so she would be warmer; so we're going somewhere to get some use out of it...even if it's 5 minutes!!

I am hoping this weather is just a fluke and isn't a sign of an early, crappy winter.  Our IVF clinic is a good 50 minutes away in perfect conditions.  Add snow and crazy drivers to the mix and ugh...I don't want to think about it (that's not a relaxing formula).  So right now my baseline ultrasound is Nov. 14th.  Then I will start stims within a couple days and that starts my every other day ultrasounds.  I spoke to my IVF coordinator (nurse) this morning and she said I may have an ultrasound on Thanksgiving.....whoa nelly.  I guess no turkey for me...however, being that far into stims last time I felt pretty bloated and sick and didn't want to eat anyways.  Having 20 follicles in your ovaries can do that to ya I guess.  And I am hoping for more this time.  Or atleast the same but hoping more than 10 fertilize, because that's what hurt us last time.  You throw in the 1 in 6 stat of having a healthy match, and that was our 1 we had.  This time I am REALLY hoping for two.  But would still be very thankful for one.  If we do have something to transfer depending on if I am on stims for 10 or 12 days.  Retrieval will be approx. Nov. 30 or Dec. 2.  And transfer Dec. 5 or Dec. 7.  Dec. 5 is my mom's birthday, and 7 has always been one of her lucky numbers!!!  Hopefully it will rub off.  We will know if we are pregnant or not before Christmas...hoping this will be our little Christmas miracle!!

Someday I really will download pictures...I am horrible at doing that when I use an actual camera-camera to take pictures.  Just need to make time to do it.  Thank you Apple for making me so lazy with other technology.  

I hope everyone out on the East Coast is staying safe!

take care,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Early On Evaluation

Macy had her evaluation today from 'Early On'.  She did great!  I wasn't sure how she was going to take to strangers coming in the house, but she warmed up to them right away.  Within minutes was sitting on one of the lady's laps playing, then grabbed her hand and brought her to play in her bedroom while I filled out paperwork with the other.

So they did a speech/language eval, and also a full developmental assessment (IDA) for all areas of development.  She cooperated fully and did everything they asked.  

For the speech one; the therapist said her receptive language was awesome!  Measured around a 3.5 to 4 years old's level (Macy just turned 2).  So that's great!  Her expressive language (speaking/talking) is slightly behind.  Which is what we knew, and why we referred her.  She said she would only need to work with her maybe 2 times a month.  I know she would catch up regardless, but it is nice to have someone work with her to give her a little jump-start.

And for all other areas of development she was great and right on target (or ahead)!  Even with her hand surgery and her right thumb not being stable she wasn't behind in fine motor at all!  Which is really good news too!  She has adapted so well.

We are also both feeling a lot better.  Still have a bit of a cough, but other than that back to normal.  Glad tomorrow is Friday as we are planning on bringing Macy to the pumpkin patch this weekend, then next weekend is her 2 year pictures!  Should be fun!  So proud of our little stewbug!  :)

take care, Jenn

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Camping, IVF round 2 plan, and Sick!

So we've been pretty busy the last week or so.  We left on Tues. 10/2 and went camping for the week, and got home the following Sunday.  We always camp in October for the fall festival, and enjoy all the Halloween festivities.

Macy had a really good time.  She LOVES camping!  She painted pumpkins, went trick or treating, and had so much fun playing with her cousins.  The weather was okay during the week, but for the weekend it was rainy and cold. 30's-40's.  We bundled her up tight always wearing a winter hat outside with lots of layers, and a coat and rain boots, etc.  But we still ended up getting sick.  :(  Macy and I are still sick.  Thought we were out of the woods, but today it has seemed to turn into a chest cold with coughing which is no fun.

Anyways, I have some really cute pictures, and Macy looked really cute in her Little Red Riding Hood costume.  I will have to post them later though, because I am limited on time.

Adam and I had our follow up visit on 10/8 to discuss with our Dr. our plan for our next IVF cycle.  We are going to change my protocol this time to the Antagonist protocol.  It is 1 month instead of 2 months because you basically eliminate using Lupron before stims.  Lupron suppresses your ovaries and we are not doing that this time.   We are going to stim hard and hope for lots of eggs.  Since my estrogen levels got really high last time this protocol basically eliminates the possibility of getting ovarian hyperstimulation because you trigger with Lupron instead of HCG.

We did find out that the embryo we implanted last time was just so/so quality.  So that may be the reason it didn't implant.  The non-matches they froze for our future children were better quality, but those are not an option right now.  The whole point of us doing IVF is to get a bone marrow donor match for Macy.  Of course it's not the reason we are having another child!  That would happen regardless.  We always wanted more kids, and if FA wasn't in our lives we would already have another child, and probably be thinking about #3.  It's just the avenue we are using changed so we can have another child that is free of this horrible disease, and also a match for Macy.  

So right now it looks like I will be starting my stims right around Thanksgiving.  Egg retreival, etc. will be towards the beginning of December.  I love that Macy has a fall birthday so I would be very happy having another that is Aug/Sept.  :)  I have a good feeling about this next one.  We are going to arrange for someone to watch Macy for 3 days after my transfer this time so we don't have to worry about incidents that are stressful (like her ripping her G tube out like what happened last time).  I already have a relaxation plan.  I love Christmas music so I am going to listen to the Transiberian Orchestra, watch all my favorite Christmas movies, and also watch the "Back to the Future" Trilogy.  I don't know why, but there is something about Michael J. Fox's voice that relaxes me so I am just going to surround myself with relaxation and hope those embies (or emby) sticks!

I also finally got around to scheduling Macy's 2 year pictures for the end of October.  I am sure they will turn out super cute!  

take care,

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hematology/Oncology Appt. 9/27/12

Macy had her hematology/Oncology appointment yesterday.  They did a good job drawing her blood this time.  Since it was her only appointment of the day I was able to put some emla cream on her before we left so hopefully she didn't feel anything.  They were able to get her blood pressure for the first time!!!  Usually she is so upset with them touching her and putting the cuff on her that they can never get a reading.  She did really good this time.  Was a little anxious, but let them do everything they needed.  We have been reading a 'Dora goes to the Doctor' book a lot lately, and I am hoping that helps, because she loves Dora!  :) 

Her blood counts were:
WBC normal(6-18)        
Macy  9.96                                               

 Hgb  (10-14)

 Platelets (140,000-400,000)

ANC  (1500-6000)

MCV  (74-90)

So everything looks good right now which is great, because if her numbers started falling below the normal range already that would add so much more pressure with getting our healthy match for her with IVF.  We meet with our Dr. on 10/8 to discuss our next cycle.  We will more than likely start with my Oct. cycle (end of Oct.), but unless they change my protocol from last time that will put the egg retrieval, etc. in December.  Seems like so far away.

We have a nice break in Macy's appointments too till December!  So that is good for her.  Except I need to get her in soon to get her flu shot...but putting that off but needs to get done!

take care,

Monday, September 24, 2012

Official Frowny Face

Dr. office just called and my blood test came back negative.  :(  HCG level was less than 2.  Hopefully better luck next time.  Our follow up appointment is 10/8/12.  Hoping we can come up with a good game plan to maximize our chances of success before we run out of money.  We only have enough for 2 more cycles.  :(

take care,

Friday, September 21, 2012

Going Crazy

Since I am so impatient I have been doing a HPT every morning for the past few days.  Again this morning it was negative.  I am starting to worry that this cycle didn't work.  We'll know for sure on Monday after my blood draw, but I just have a feeling.  I'm not excited to start all over again; but atleast we know we got this far this time, we can do again.

Macy news:
So on Tuesday Macy ripped her G tube out of her stomach.  She must have done it in the middle of the night because the hole was already closed so much I couldn't get it back in so we had to make a mad dash to the hospital.  They were able to stretch the hole and eventually get it back in.  Kinda on a funny side note, on the way to the hospital I gave her a pack of fruit snacks because with all the rush of the morning she hadn't eaten anything.  Then I remembered she had a hole in her stomach.  I had to reach back and get them back from her (which she didn't like) because I didn't want her to eat them and have the juice just come right back out the hole. 

Macy had her 2 year well child yesterday.  She is doing well, except we already knew her expressive speech is behind.  I can't remember exactly her stats, but I think her height was 38%, weight 8%, and head 20% or something around there.  She was always 2% for weight, but I guess the USA just changed their growth charts to match the rest of the worlds.  Her Ped said Americans are so overweight (including the kids) that it was making kids that were "normal" weight look like they were failure to thrive.  So the new charts bumped her up to the 8th percentile.  YEAH!!!!

This is going to be a long weekend waiting for my blood work Monday; either way it turns out atleast we can start moving forward whether it's good news (baby) or planning for our next cycle.  I hate being in limbo.

take care,

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Transfer Update

Out of our 10 embryos we had 1 that was an HLA match for Macy. And by some miracle it was also FA free!!!!  So we transferred our 1 this morning and I'm at home resting. Now we just need this one to stick. We also had 4 that were healthy and not matches so we froze those for future kiddos!!!  2 came back with inconclusive results, and 3 had FA.

Whew!  Now we wait.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers through this roller coaster we've been on lately. It is much appreciated.

Take care

Friday, September 14, 2012

All comes down to tomorrow!

So tomorrow is the big day.  I feel like everything has led up to tomorrow deciding our fate.  I know that's not true, it just feels that way.  This IVF process has not been easy on me physically.  As most people close to me know I am very sensitive to meds.  My body over-reacts to them most of the time and I get sick, my blood pressure plummets, and lose consciousness.  This last week there hasn't been a moment that I haven't been nauseous and feeling drained.  It's hard to eat because food seems so gross.  I almost feel exactly like I did when I was pregnant with Macy.  I am not sure if it's from all the meds I am taking to prevent OHSS, or maybe I have a mild case of it.  I just feel bad for Macy because I haven't been much fun this week, and she doesn't understand why.

Anyways, I'm really not complaining; it would just be nice if we didn't have to do this again.

So my nurse called today and our transfer is set for 8:30am tomorrow morning!  Our PGD results will be in late tonight.  We still won't know till we are there in the morning if we have anything.  Thank goodness for the valium they give you to take before-hand or I'd probably be totally freaking out all morning.  She did say that yes all 10 embies were biopsied yesterday and as of then were all doing very well.  She said they don't check on them today (day 4) because the less they are disturbed the better.

Guess I will try my hardest not to think about it tonight.  Please pray for us that we have something to transfer tomorrow.

take care,

Thursday, September 13, 2012


So I carried the phone around with me all day today just like a teenage girl waiting for a boy to call.  Waited and waited.  Didn't even shower because I didn't want to miss the call.  It came around 3pm and I still don't know anything?????

The nurse said they don't know what time my transfer will be on Saturday.  They will need to talk to the PGD lab tomorrow afternoon and get an estimate on when the results will be in Saturday.  So she said our transfer could be really early in the morning or as late as noon.  They will call back tomorrow and let us know.

So I had to many did they biopsy today?  Did all 10 make it so far?  She didn't know.  She said that is on the lab chart and not the patient chart she had, but she seemed to think it was 10.  UGH!  Are you trying to give me a heart attack or what?  She said she would look into it and would call later today if it was any different.  5:15pm and no call yet?  I am hoping that means all 10 were biopsied and still doing okay, but don't know for sure.  I hope they have more details tomorrow because I am freaking out not knowing.

Trying to come up with a plan B of something "fun" we can do this weekend if we end up having nothing to transfer to keep my mind off it.  Sunday (16th) is Macy's actual birthday so maybe we'll do something special for her!  :)  If we do have something to transfer I'll be on bedrest but Adam will take her to do something fun.

2 days will seem like an eternity I think!  :)

take care,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fertilization Report

For those not on FB I wanted to quick update on here.  We received our fertilization report today.  They ICSI'd all 18 eggs, but only 10 fertilized.  Kinda a bummer, but what can you do, right?  I guess it could be worse.  The biopsies will be done Thursday morning, and they will call Thursday afternoon to let us know how the embryos are doing, and how many are still truckin along (hopefully all 10 still).

They will also let us know what time we need to be there for transfer on Saturday.  However, they will not receive the report on if there are any healthy matches until Saturday morning.  So we won't know until we are there for the transfer if we have anything to transfer.  I am hoping for atleast 1.  If we have nothing I'll be pretty upset.  Only time will tell.  Finger crossed. XX

Take care,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Egg Retrieval Results

I'm not by my computer so I can't write too much, but the retrieval went well today!  They had to keep me a bit longer than normal because my blood pressure dropped to 83/55. That always seems to happen to me because I am really sensitive to meds. Anyways, they retrieved 18 eggs. Let's hope most were mature and fertilize. They will call tomorrow with the fertilization report. I slept till 8pm tonight, so I am pretty exhausted and in some pain.  Will update tomorrow after my report.

Take care

Saturday, September 8, 2012

ER Scheduled

The below may not be appropriate for children

Just got off the phone with the nurse.  I am triggering tonight!!  So egg retrieval is set for Monday.  However, they said my estrogen (estradiol) level is over 5,000 now so I am only taking half of the trigger dosage. I also have to take an Rx (baby asprin and Dostinex) starting today to try and prevent Ovarian Hyperstimulation, because I am at risk since my levels are so high.

Also, since it is so high we have to do assisted hatching with the embryos before transfer.  I am not sure what exactly they do with assisted hatching; just that it costs extra. (of course, haha).

This morning at my ultrasound I made it a point not to pay attention to how many follicles I had.  I don't want to stress over it, and we'll get what we get.  However, they did say I have "a lot".  And when the nurse called she again said "you have A LOT of follicles" so hopefully it'll all work out.  Also at my ultrasound they said my ovaries and everything looked really great, and that they couldn't look any better.  That's a good sign I think.

Trigger is precisely at 10pm tonight.  It will be my first intramuscular shot....ugh!  Not looking forward to Adam stabbing me with a 1.5 inch needle in the upper booty.  Guess I better get use to it though.  Might have to steal some of Macy's emla cream. :)  (jk).

take care,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still Truckin Along

The following info. talks about reproduction and may not be suitable for children

I wanted to quick update this morning before Macy wakes up.  I had an ultrasound this morning and had one last Tuesday as well.  Originally we thought I would do the trigger shot tonight and have the egg retrieval on Saturday.  I went in this morning and my Dr. decided to be a little more aggressive with my cycle (because we need as many eggs as we can get).  So he increased my dose (after it was decreased last Tuesday), and we are pushing it out 2 more days.  So I go back for another ultrasound Saturday, will do the trigger shot Saturday night, and egg retrieval will be Monday now.

My estrogen level was 1700 last Tuesday (was 600 two days before that). I am interested to see what it was today.  He said if it is too high they will call later and change our plan.  Your risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome starts at 3500.  I am thinking my level is probably in the mid to high 2000 right now, and will probably be close to that 3500 mark by retrieval, but I guess we'll see.  Maybe it will level off a bit.

(UPDATE: Nurse just called and my E2 is already at 3400.  They are lowering my dose a lot now.  We will see what it is on Sat.  She said that means I should have a lot of good mature eggs...not sure what "a lot" means....hopefully we get 12-15 atleast; that's my goal).

If you count the one's that they are wanting to "push" to see if they will grow to be mature I have about 20 now.  More than likely those will not get big enough but you never know.  What you want is "mature" eggs.  Even if you get 20 eggs at retrieval if they're  not mature their useless.  And if they get too big and are over-mature; they are also useless.  So the timing of your HCG (trigger) shot, and retrieval are pretty vital to how many embryos you end up with.  I am glad my Dr. is being more aggressive than playing it too safe.

The more mature eggs = a better chance at having healthy matches = getting a healthy baby out of this (which we are beyond thrilled to have another child or two or three!) = a matched sibling donor for Macy = a real chance at extending Macy's life.  So it's a BIG deal.

I absolutely cannot wait for how the relief of this being a success will feel (whether it is with this cycle or the next one or so).  Talk about a HUGE weight off your shoulders.  Hopefully we have good news at my ultrasound on Saturday, and get lots of mature eggs on Monday!!!!

take care,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Macy's Bday Party! (and IVF update)

This isn't part of her birthday, but i had to add it because this is what she put on to wear out to dinner the other night.  I must say she was the only person there in 80-90 degree weather wearing a winter hat and a tutu dress!
Macy's birthday party was yesterday and I have to say she had a blast!  She knew the day was about her and loved it up!  We spent the first half of the day at the Air Zoo, and the kids seemed to really have a great time (and the adults too!).  We were thinking of maybe getting season passes so Macy could run around in there to burn energy on days that are too hot (we try to keep her out of the sun as much as possible due to the radiation and her extreme sensitivity to it that causes cancer), or a really cold winter day.  She LOVED the hot air balloon ride, and Adam and her went on it so much that the guy running it was like "you're riding this again?".....yup!  She didn't want to leave!  :)

The adults seemed to really like all the simulators.  They had a mission to mars one, and fighter pilot type one, and space mission one.  I didn't go on anything because my nurse said I can't do anything that involves bouncing or sudden movements (bc of the IVF).  But I really enjoyed the other parts, and watching Macy and the other kiddos have a great time though!

Macy is all smiles

Family Photo

Digging into the cake while we were all still singing happy birthday!


Having a blast!
We did all have a really good time!  


So I've had 2 ultrasounds since I posted last.  I wasn't overly excited about my ultrasound on Friday (it wasn't bad; just a little disappointing), so I decided to wait to see what this morning's was like.

Things seem to be going a bit better now.  On Friday I only had like 10-12 follicles.  9 that measured 8-10mm on the right, and 3 that measured 8-10mm on the left.  Then I had about 10 that only measured 3-4mm.  I was worried because you don't really know if those smaller one's (some or any) will catch up and be game players at all.  Since we only have a 19% chance per embryo that it will be healthy and also be a donor match for Macy we need as many as we can get to try and atleast have 1 to transfer.  So I was worried.

They called Friday night and increased my dosage of stimulation meds.  My ultrasound this morning was better.  My right had 5 at 11-12mm and 6 at 10mm, the left had 3 at 11-12mm and 3 at 10mm.  So between the 2 that is about 17 right now that are still in the running to becoming America's Next Top Model.  haahaha.  Just kidding.  Something about the way that sentence started off made me think of Tyra Bank's voice saying that.  If you don't watch that show (I actually don't watch it but have seen enough commercials) then you probably don't get the humor right now.

Anyways, things can happen so fast with IVF.  You can have lots of follies one day, and not a lot the next.  You never really know until the egg retrieval.  And even then they are not all going to grow after fertilized.  I just keep telling myself we just need 1!  My next ultrasound is Tuesday, then hopefully trigger on Thursday or Friday...then egg retrieval for this next coming weekend (8th or 9th).

take care,

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holy Moley Guacamole'!

Okay.  So I have a lot to catch up on.  Even though it's only been a couple days.  This will probably be a pretty long post.

First off, today (8/29/12) is Adam and I's 6 year wedding anniversary!  yeah!  Can't believe it's been 6 years already; time really goes by so fast.  Couldn't ask for a better husband and daddy to Macy.  I honestly wouldn't change a single thing about him.  Me and Macy are really lucky! 

Macy: I wanted to do a quick update head to toe.  Her reflux is doing great.  It is still controlled very well under meds.  I love that they have OTC generic prevacid now, because it is so much cheaper.  She is doing pretty well eating.  Trying to expand her foods lately and it is going okay.  She still won't eat many vegetables.  What is holding us back the most is still that she only drinks water so we will still have the G tube for a while to give her Vit. D milk.  We do need to change her button soon though.

I have noticed for a while that she seems to be behind in speech so I did call Early-On to see if they will come work with her to get her caught up; but they were under-staffed this summer and said they will try to send someone out this fall when the school year starts.  So that should be in the next month or so.  I'm not overly concerned about it.  It is apparent that she is really smart so she'll catch on when she's ready.  One thing about when your in our kind of situation is it actually takes the pressure off of trying to make sure your kid is the first one to do everything.  It seems like so many push their kids so hard just so they can say they walked at 9 months or were potty trained by the age of 2 or whatever.  We don't have that.  We just want Macy to be happy.

The hand she had her pollicization on is doing awesome.  She uses it very well, and her new thumb is really quite strong.  We were waiting to see if we could tell if she was left or right handed (Adam and I are both left handed) to determine if we are going to have surgery on the right hand or not.  If she was a lefty we were going to leave it alone.  A righty would mean surgery.  She doesn't need pollicization on that hand, just some muscle transfers to strengthen the joint.  If we don't have surgery she won't be able to grip a pencil.  And it looks like she is a righty so we will need to start thinking of that surgery...probably next year, but before preschool starts.  

Kidneys doing well, and still watching the right hip.  Sometimes when I pick her up I can feel it click so hopefully it will grow into place over the next 6 months and won't give her any more issues.  And she'll get her blood work in a few weeks so we will know what her counts are.  We will also probably need to schedule her bone marrow biopsy (which I am completely NOT looking forward to).

We are having Macy's birthday party this weekend.  Should be a lot of fun, and are having it at the Air Zoo.  Should be a good time!

We have been busy the last few weeks with a lot of projects around the house.  It has been very busy but nice at the same time because it has kept my mind off the IVF.  I have become a super crafter!  hehe.


I had my blood work and ultrasound today.  Everything went well!  I actually have 30 follicles right now.  Yes...30!  Craziness.  They said many of them are about 8 or 9mm which is really good for your first ultrasound after starting stims.  I don't really know what that means; but if they say it's good then I guess it's good.  Right now they said everything looks good and my uterine lining is already almost where it needs to be (in terms of thickness) for retrieval as well.  Personally, I am a little worried about Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.  I have a feeling that if out of anything that could be a complication for me; that would probably be it.  But the Dr. hasn't said anything about being concerned at this point so I guess I won't worry.  They said if my bloodwork showed anything that would change my dosage of meds they would call; and they didn't so I guess all was well.  They will also have a better idea of how many follicles they will have to work with at my next ultrasound which is Friday.  Shots are still going well.  I had to do 4 last night, and it wasn't bad at all.

So here are some cute pic's of Macy that I finally downloaded on the computer.
Macy LOVES to wear sunglasses.  These are her tinkerbell pair she carries around with her.  And she also loves night gowns right now too!

Giving her "disapproval" face.  This is her little area from when we went camping about a month ago.  She doesn't like being contained...even though I was in there with her.

Splashing in her kiddie pool camping.  We don't like her going in the lake water; especially this year with the hot weather causing all the e coli issues.

Trying to feed Bela, but didn't quite make it.

Helping clean up
Anywho, that's all for now.  Hopefully my ultrasound goes well on Friday and am looking forward to Macy's party!  :)

take care,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grow Follies grow!

Just a reminder that the below information talks about reproduction and is not suitable for children to read

Okay so first off, I wanted to share a SUPER cute picture of Macy I took today.  This was the adorable face I had waiting home for me when I got back from my ultrasound this morning.  Thanks for watching her mom!  :)

She was playing dress up.  She loves tutus still, she put her birthday crown from last year on, and had a scarf hanging off her shoulder.  She is soooo cute!  I just love it!

She does have her blood draw coming up in a couple weeks.  I always dread that so much.  I will make sure to use the emla cream this time.  Last draw I didn't have time because she had a bunch of other appointments that day for her hip, kidney, etc. and it was not fun, because they couldn't get a vein and poked her 8-10 times and got nothing out of the first arm.  Let's hope for good blood counts!  And hopefully her ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is holding steady and not getting too far below the normal range.  That's the one count that has me a little worried as it has been creeping just out of the normal range.

She will also have her 2 year well child in a few weeks.  Her Ped moved to a different office about 20 min. further away than where she was before, so it'll be a good 35-40 min. drive now.  I wanted to stick with her since Macy's history/disease is so complicated.  I don't really want to start over with someone else.  I also made her her first dental appointment.  Not till Feb. though.  It is a pediatric special needs dentist through the children's hospital.  So they will coordinate her dental care with her procedures at the hospital.  For example, if she needed any dental work (am thinking of getting sealants put on her teeth to protect them from tooth decay), they will come to the hospital and do it when she is under anesthesia for her bone marrow biopsy.  So that is nice.

I found out today our egg retrieval will more than likely be Saturday, Sept. 8th, which puts the transfer on Sept. 13th.  When you do PGD you have to do a 5 day transfer instead of a 3 day because the biopsies are done on day 3.  

Because of these dates we need to cancel/move Macy's birthday party to a different day. You have to be on bedrest for 2 days following transfer.  Since the weekend before transfer (8th is the egg retreival) we are thinking of doing it Labor Day weekend (probably on Labor Day) instead.  Kinda a bummer, but not too big of a deal.  Adam and I can still do something special with her on her b-day hopefully (sunday 16th).  The worry is if the retrieval got pushed to the 14th, then I would not be able to participate in her bday so that's why we are moving it.  However, I have a feeling that if anything it may be a day earlier than expected.  We will see.  

So there was all good news at my appointment today.  My ultrasound went well.  No cysts on the ovaries (lupron can cause cysts sometimes), and I have 12 follicles on the right, and 8-10 on the left. So right now 20-22 follicles (or sort of pre-follicles.  each follicle has the potential to hold 1 mature egg) and that's with the suppression of the lupron.  That doesn't mean I'll have that many for retrieval necessarily, but it is a good starting point for now.  Haven't started the stimulation meds yet which I start Monday.  Originally  I was going to start them tonight or tomorrow, but they pushed it back a little due to scheduling to make sure the biopsies landed mid-week for the PGD embryologist coming from Chicago.  That way the labs will be done during the week even though that puts my retrieval on a Saturday, but that's totally fine (alteast Adam won't have to take a day off work).

take care,

Monday, August 20, 2012

Phase 2

Just a word of discretion that the following contents is related to reproduction, and may not be suitable for children to read

Okay, so things have been going well lately.  I wanted to do a quick IVF and Macy update while she is still taking a nap.

I have been on lupron now for 14 days (as of today).  The shots have been getting much easier since that first day.  I have been doing them all myself, and rarely get nervous about it anymore.  One day we went out to dinner in town (when I say in town I usually mean Grandville...hehe.  Since it is about a 30 min. drive for us all highway; to me that is the city now!  :) ).  Anywho, so we went to dinner and I do my shot at 8pm every night.  I knew it would be close so I brought my kit with me.  I ended up having to give myself the shot in the car on the highway on the way home (as a passenger of course...Adam was driving).  So I guess I consider myself a pro now!  haha.

So today I started my menstrual cycle (sorry TMI); but that is what we were waiting for in order to schedule our next phase of IVF.  So my baseline ultrasound is on Wednesday morning.  They will check to make sure my ovaries are suppressed with the meds, and will look for cysts (lupron can cause ovarian cysts).  If all is good I will start my stim's (stimulation meds....Follistim and Menopur) on Thursday.  So for 2 days (thursday and friday) I will need to do 3 injections per night.  Then after that just 2 injections per night (glad I am use to the 1 now atleast).  

Once I start that on Thursday I will need to get an ultrasound and bloodwork done about every other day for 7-10 days or so depending on how I am responding to the meds.  Then the egg retrieval will happen.  Let's hope I respond well and have lots of follicles (each follicle usually contains an egg)!  I am trying to think of this cycle as a trial cycle to find out how my body responds to everything.  That way I won't be overly disappointed if the first cycle doesn't work out.

Macy: I can't believe Macy will be 2 in a couple of weeks!  That is crazy!  She is growing up way too fast.  When we were at the Dr. a while ago the Dr. commented on how she is growing so fast and is a little girl now (no longer a baby when she saw her last).  It's so is amazing to see her personality coming out more and more as she gets older.  She's such a great kiddo!  She will be a terrific big sister, and I am very excited that she could have a sibling next year!  She does so good with her cousin Lucas (who is 3 months).

Last weekend Macy went up north to the Stewart Farm with Adam for the night.  They had fun riding quads, flying kites, and hanging out with Gma and Papa.  I was supposed to take time and relax, but ended up painting the whole day.  I atleast was able to finish Macy's room because we don't paint when she is in the house (bc of fumes). I don't like her being around any type of chemicals due to her FA.

Macy is up from her nap so better go.  Will update later after my ultrasound this week.

take care,

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First "shot" not as planned

Last night was day 1 of lupron shots for me.  To tell the truth in the whole prep of doing IVF, doing the stomach shots weren't much on my radar.  They were more of an after-thought to say the least.  I don't mind getting my blood drawn, etc. and I have used the pens to prick my finger to test my blood sugar without a problem so this should have been easy.

I watched the how-to video, and put it next to me on the counter.  Followed the prep, and draw-up directions to a T (minus a little mishap where some sprayed out of the vial as I was pulling the needle out....oops!  Hopefully there's some extra in there).  Then, as I held the needle in one hand, and my skin in the other; I was very surprised when my hand wouldn't move.  I couldn't do it.  There is just something about holding a needle yourself, and having to stab it in your own stomach.  I froze.

So I stood there for literally 10 min. skin pinched and ready to go, but the other hand not moving.  I counted down in my head, 3, 2, 1.....nothing.  Counted back from 10......nothing.  All of a sudden I started realizing that I wasn't going to do it....and it was only the FIRST day.  I have to do it everyday from now on, and knew I was in trouble.

So I yelled for Adam.  He came in and volunteered to do it.  I carefully transferred the syringe in his hand.  As he came near me with it I freaked out and took it back.  We continued this process of handing it back and forth for another 10 minutes.  

Finally, I said okay.  I'll hold the skin, and look up at the ceiling and you jab it in.  So, I looked up said okay.  And he did it.  Whew!  It didn't hurt at all (not even a bee sting), and I knew it wouldn't hurt but I couldn't help it.  I got myself all worked up.

I am really hoping I can do it myself tonight.  But if not, Adam will have to do it for me every night.  Hopefully it won't be a 30 min. charade again though.  (exhale). 

Needle after the injection

Wish me luck!

take care,


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sono/Mock ET

Just wanted to put a disclaimer first letting readers know the info. posted below may not be suitable for children, and talks about reproductive parts.

Today I had my sonohystagram (sp? I could probably get up and look at the paper to see how it is spelled but that is way too much work) and mock embryo transfer.  They both went well!  Everything was measured to know how far the cath needs to go for the real transfer, and the Dr. said my uterus, and ovaries are both normal! (yeah)  We weren't expecting anything different; but you never know.

So we are now complete with all of our pretesting.  Whew!  So far all good news.  Next week I will do my injection training so I know what I am doing in terms of the shots.  They use to have classes, but now they just have you watch videos online at home and let them know if you have any questions.  I'm not too worried about the stomach shots; but one's that go in the butt (more the outer hip area) are the 1.5 inch needles.  Those will freak me out a little, especially since Adam will have to be the one to do them.  But those don't start till around the egg retrieval.  So I'll wait until it's time before I worry too much about those.

Yesterday we received some more good news!  If it all turns out to be true; then it is really really good news!  We got a letter from our insurance company saying they approved my appeal to cover the PGD portion.  They will not cover the biopsies or embryologist travel expenses, but they will cover the PGD testing, and the set-up which cuts what we have to pay in half!!!  That is so awesome because it if all works out (I am usually cautious not to get overly excited until the claim goes through and they pay it) it will make it so we afford a couple more cycles than we originally thought which takes some of the pressure off.  And stress is not good for fertility.

In light of stress not being good I ordered some aromatherapy oils, etc.  I also bought a book that tells you which one's to use for what, and how to mix them.  We can also use some of them mixed with distilled water to make a chemical free, natural insect repellent for Macy (so that's a bonus!).  I am excited to start relaxing!  :)

So on the Macy front; we got about 2-3 hours of sleep last night.  Macy was not happy all night.  Crying and only being happy in my or Adam's arms.  She's not teething right now, and isn't sick or anything.  She has never slept in bed with us so that doesn't work.  If I try to have her lay down next to me; she ends up slapping me in the face so I'll open my eyes so she can play.  Little stinker!  So we had an endless cycle of us letting her cry for a bit, getting her, her playing, and going back to bed for 5-10 min before she started crying again.  Till about 5am.  It is VERY unlike her.  She is usually an awesome sleeper and has never done that before.  I think she may have been hungry because she didn't eat much for dinner.  I didn't put 2 and 2 together till 5am so I fed her some snacks.  She went to bed after that and slept till I woke her at 10:15am this morning before I left for my appointment.  My mom and niece Katelyn came over to hang out with her while I was gone!  Thanks!  Let's hope tonight we get more sleep!

Now that we are getting started with things I will probably be updating a lot more to keep our family and friends (and anyone else that wants to read about it) updated on everything going on with our IVF.

take care,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's Officially On

So things have been pretty busy lately.  It has been really abnormally hot (and dry) out so Macy hasn't been able to go outside too much.  Not to mention we have all caught a cold as well.  Strange to be sick in July, but we are starting to feel better.  Macy never eats well when she doesn't feel good (what kid does), so it is times like this that I am actually thankful for her G tube.  If she doesn't want to eat we don't push it.  We just tube her more.  She is very aware of her tube now.  And when we feed her with it she wants to help so we let her push the syringe. 

Last weekend we painted almost our entire upstairs while Macy spent the day camping with my parents.  At first I didn't like it at all but it is growing on me.  It was supposed to be pumpkin with espresso accents; and turned out looking like Halloween so I eliminated all of our dark bronze hardware, wall coverings, etc. and replaced everything with cream, khaki, and brushed nickel.  And it looks a lot LESS Halloween-y in here.  Which is good.

One thing that Macy has started doing that is very cute and silly is whenever she is doing something she is not suppose to be doing (like walking around on the couch); she quickly runs up to me and gives me a kiss when I am mid-sentence in telling her not to do it.  hehehehe.  She's so funny.  It's like she is trying to silence me with kisses.  :)

IVF update: I did start my cycle this week so we are doing all of our pre-testing right now.  I did my bloodwork yesterday, and Adam is in the morning.  I scheduled my sonohystagram  (sp?) and mock embryo transfer for next week Thursday.  They are both required tests, and the SHG is where they put water into your uterus and do an ultrasound to check to make sure you don't have any cysts, or anything crazy going on in there that would prevent you from getting pregnant.  The mock embryo transfer is so they can measure to know how far the catheter needs to go for the real one.  

I will be calling the pharmacy this week to get everything aligned for all of my IVF meds, and to make sure they are here in time.  I am planning on having them about a week before I start injecting them.  The first med is Lupron.  You start that on day 21 of your cycle ( FYI: IVF is a 2 month or 2 cycle process).  So for me that is August 7th (my parent's anniversary).  Lupron shuts down your ovaries and makes it so they are completely controlled by medication, and not your body (it is a stomach injection in the evening). 

 After 10 to 14 days on Lupron I should start my menstrual cycle.  At that time I'll get a baseline ultrasound then start the FSH (follicle stimulating hormones plus HMG for 2 days) in addition to the Lupron.  Once this is started (also both by stomach injection in the evening) an ultrasound and morning bloodwork (estradriols) are done every other day for 2 weeks to check follicle growth.  If all goes well next step is the egg retrieval which should land in early September.

Our ducks are finally in a row!  Let's just hope they stay that way!

take care,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Rest of Results

Macy had her genetics appointment today.  Everything went well.  We received some good news about her hip x-ray too.  So, a little bit of background first:
 when you're born you have cartilage at the head of both femurs.  After a period of time they ossify into bone.  That  is basically what keeps your hip in it's socket.  When Macy had her hip brace taken off when she was about 4 months old; they had her come in a few months later around 7 months of age and took an x-ray.  At that time her right femural head had not ossified yet; however, both hips were in socket, and the depth of the socket had increased which is good.  Her sockets were shallow before which would cause her hips to pop out of socket.  The brace she wore for about 6 weeks kept her legs in a frog-like position and drove the end of the femur into the socket making it deepen as it grew; therefore, holding the hips in socket.

So with this x-ray it did show that both were ossified now which is good.  The left hip looks normal (also good); and the right is close.  When she has her right leg straight the femural head slips to the side of the socket.  It doesn't come out, but is near the side.  When she puts her legs in a criss-cross or knee out position (frog) it returns to the middle.  They believe only monitoring is necessary at this point.  As she continues to grow; her socket should continue to deepen and the head should grow nicely inside the socket and it should correct itself.  Hopefully that is what happens!  But it is definitely better news than what I was expecting!

While we were in the waiting room I also received an email from RGI. (Reproductive Genetics Institute) is who we are going through for our PGD and HLA testing.  They are out of Chicago.  Anyways, more good news!  Our HLA test is set up and ready to go.  Macy does NOT appear to have inherited a recombinant HLA (great news!), and they are in the final stages of the PGD set up.  We should be good to go for us to start with this cycle which is going to be mid-next week sometime!  Everything seems to be falling into place.  Let's hope that continues!

Some Macy pics:

Love this picture!  
 Getting dirty at the campground...she had a lot of fun though!

Looking so grown up in her headband, and watching movies in the car!

Playing dress-up!

Can't get enough of the headbands.  We bought these Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse one's in Disney!  So cute!

take care,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

6/28/12 Appt. Results (partial)

We have the results (some) from Macy's appointments last week.  First, her kidney ultrasound went well!  We met with her Nephrologist and she said her kidney(s) are growing very well and are in the normal percentile range (around 50th percentile).  She said the structure looks good, and there is good blood flow.  She said they look good enough to feel comfortable moving her appointments to a 9 month stretch in between instead of every 6 months like we have been doing.  So that's good!!!!

Her blood counts are as follows:

WBC (6,000-18,000) Macy's 11,680
HgBN (10-14) Macy's 12.1
Platelets (140,000-400,000) Macy's 259,000
ANC (1,500-6,000) Macy's 1,402
MCV (74-90) Macy's 87

Everything is looking great.  Her ANC is a little low, but she is always at the low end or a little below the normal range.  ANC stands for Absolute Neutrophil Count.  It is a specific type of white blood cell they look for that fights off infection.  Her Dr. has not seemed concerned about it so I'm not going to worry about it.  All of her other numbers are pretty excellent so let's hope it stays that way for a long time.

I have not received the results from her hip xray.  That is the result that I have been waiting for because the other two above were routine checks, the hip xray was due to a concern.  If I don't hear anything by Monday I am going to call.

Macy has been doing very well lately.  She said "backpack" yesterday so we were all excited about that.  It has been very hot lately here so we have been spending a lot time indoors in the A/C.  She ate a turkey dog for the first time last week too.  She is eating pretty well; except for vegetables.  But what toddler likes eating vegetables anyways.  She will eat a little bit of carrots sometimes so that will have to be good enough for now.  We still supplement with some toddler formula to fill in the gaps, and a multi vitamin.  

IVF update: We will be starting our IVF with this cycle which will start around 7/18.  Can't believe it is almost here.  It has been over a year in the making so we are very eager.  We have not heard anything from our PGD place so I am assuming that means Macy inherited a normal HLA and not a recombinant HLA.  Today is 3 weeks since they started building our test.  I believe the HLA part only takes 2 weeks; it's the FA part that takes 4 or so.  So I hope if there was a red flag with the HLA part we would have heard something by now.  

We had our meeting with the nurse, and have everything figured out and ready to go for when my cycle starts.  IVF is a 2 month or 2 cycle process.  So even though we are starting with my July cycle; I won't start taking the meds until around August 7th.  (day 21 of your cycle).  I am guessing the egg retrieval will be approx. anywhere as early as Aug. 31st to as late as Sept. 7th.  They take the biopsies on day 3 after the egg retrieval, and the embryo transfer is on day 5.  We should find out if we are pregnant or not right on or close around Macy's 2nd birthday.  What a  wonderful gift that would be if it worked.  Fingers crossed! :)

Anywho, I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July!

take care,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One last hurdle...well kinda

So we have one last hurdle to get past before our first IVF cycle.  When I say...well kinda, I mean that in the sense that in order for this to work there are a LOT of hurdles to jump.  However, this is a major one.

So, everything is in place.  The PGD place we're using's in the middle of building our test right now, and Adam and I have our "official" nurse appointment this Friday to start at the IVF clinic.  We will go over everything, and start the schedule for our pre-testing, etc.  However, there is one thing that could prevent us from doing this whole thing.  I'll try and explain it the best I can.  It has to do with the HLA typing.  

HLA typing is what determines if you are a bone marrow match for someone.  In 6-7% of the time, a child may not inherit a complete set of HLA information from a parent.  This results in what they call a "recombinant HLA".  If Macy is in this 6-7%, then there will basically be no way any embryos will be an HLA match for her.  This is because children usually inherit the entire HLA complex from their parent. I will list some examples below to explain it a bit better.

For example:  If my HLA type was: ABCD1234, and Adam's was: EFGH5678, our child could inherit an HLA type 1 of 4 ways as: ABCD (from me) and 5678 (from Adam), or 1234 (from me), and EFGH (from Adam), and so on.  However, sometimes if the recombinant HLA is inherited for example, instead of inheriting say, ABCD from me, say she inherited AB34 instead.  That is a recombinant HLA, and since it only happens in 6-7% of cases, there would be virtually no chance any of our embryos would be a match for her.  

We had Adam's parents, and my parents send in DNA samples so as they are building our test, they will be able to tell by comparing our parent's HLA's with ours, and Macy's to know if she has a "normal" HLA or "recombinant" HLA.  The alternative would be to go through the entire IVF cycle only to find there are no HLA matches, and never will be.  And since IVF with PGD cost about same (per cycle) as our SUV when we bought it new; we don't want to take that chance.

Life pre-FA if someone told me there was only a 6-7% chance.  I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it. Just assumed we are good to go.  But when Macy already has a disease that you have about a 0.00028% chance of having in the first place; 6-7% is huge.  So please pray that she inherited a normal HLA type.

Hopefully we will have good news in a few weeks!

Also, I wanted to take a moment and say a HUGE thank you to everyone that donated to the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund; whether in honor of Macy or anyone!  I know there is still money being sent in, but so far as we know there has been almost $700.00 donated in honor of Macy and we are truly so thankful to have so many people that care about her.  She is such a loved little girl, and we are touched by everyone's generosity. 

In the last two weeks two little girls have lost their battle with FA and it breaks my heart.  Their families are devastated as you could imagine, and our thoughts are prayers are with them during this horrible time.

We, as parents are more determined than ever to find a cure, and we couldn't do it without donations to fund research.  thank you again. 

take care,

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun and Business too!

So we finally have everything we need to start!!!!!  Yeah!  I received my carrier screening results last week and emailed them to our PGD place.  Mine was positive (as we predicted).  Our consult with them is Tuesday, and they sent us the kits already so Wednesday morning we will get our blood samples, and cheek swabs done and overnight them to Chicago.  Then they can officially start building our test.  Later this week I plan on calling our IVF clinic to officially "book" our IVF month.  I am not sure if it is going to be August or September.  I will see what they say when I call, because it will depend on my cycle.

So anywho, we have been pretty busy this past week or so.  We spent Memorial Weekend up in Mackinaw.  We were home for one day then headed out camping at the lake through this weekend.  We kinda got blasted a little with colder and rainy weather, but didn't let it ruin our fun times!  We ended up getting an "Old Fashioned" picture taken of all of us (12 people) when we were in Mackinaw.  I will have to post it sometime.  It's funny, and my nephews and niece are making the cutest, and silliest faces in them.

Here are a few pic's from our adventures!

Macy playing in the sand on the beach...she had a lot of fun running around with her cousins, and dumping sand all over!

Big smile this time!

 Serious looks from Macy and Adam...or maybe they were sick of going in gift shops!  :)

Okay, so I am a dork in that instead of buying shirts I just take pictures of the one's I think are funny!  :)

I had to take a picture of this one because it is soooooooo my Dad.  Hehehehehe!

I thought Macy would probably like this one! 
 This is the bronze statue guy.  He stands there ALL day (seriously all day).  And once in a while will move to scare someone....yes it's a real person under there.  He even wears bronze colored contacts. 

Macy getting ready for our Old Fashioned picture in her Victorian Style dress and old school doll.  She had a cute headband with feather too, but kept taking it off.
 Not sure what she is pointing at; but thought she looked cute!

Macy and I chillin on the boat!  She had fun running around earlier and was pooped!
Going fast with my hair flying all over!

Hanging out in the camper when it was raining...being silly with the sand toys!

Macy and Bela (Bayla)!  Macy thinks it's hilarious that she can use Bela as a back rest.
Macy driving the boat
 A little blurry, but still cute!  Macy and Daddy!
 Chillin in her camping chair!
 I thought this picture was so cute in how she is walking.  Arms pumped like she owns the place, etc.  hehehe, she is so funny!

So those are all the pics for now.  The busy season has officially started.  Looking at the calendar we have something going on every weekend until the middle of August.  Whew!  I am tired just thinking about it.  But, with a lot of busy comes a lot of memories too!  Can't wait for all the silly things that Macy will do this summer!  She has been doing some really silly facial expressions lately!  love it!  

And as for the IVF...after a little over a year of planning and trying to get everything together the time is finally here.  Who knows, a year from now we could be holding a baby (or babies) in our hands!!!!

Take care,