Monday, January 16, 2012

What's a "Button"

So next month for the first time; Adam and I have to change out Macy's G tube button by ourselves.  Eeeek!  Before I talk about my apprehension I wanted to post a couple pictures on what a "button" is.  We have had it for 6 months now, and it has become so "normal" for us that sometimes I forget that every kid doesn't have they? (jk)!  :)  
Macy's "button".  To feed through the tube you unplug the rubber piece, and attach a feed set.  It plugs into the opening and locks when you turn it 3/4 of a turn.  It is connected to a tube and at the end has a place for a syringe.  You put the food/formula in the syringe and either let gravity pull it down the tube and into the belly, or use the plunger. (or a machine).

Macy's button with her Button Buddy around it.  This little pad keeps her G tube site nice and clean.  We change it every day or two.

So basically, there is a stem that sticks down into her belly, and at the end there is an apple-shaped balloon.  It looks like it is clear silicone or something similar.  When inflated the balloon is what keeps it in her stomach.  On the end (blue part) there is a special-sized syringe you stick in there to deflate or inflate the balloon with distilled water; depending whether you are taking it out or putting it in.

Different parents and Doctors have differing opinions on when you should change it.  Some say every 3 months, some every 4 or 6.  And some leave it in until the balloon breaks (if they have that kind).  We decided to change it every 4-5 months.  Her first time getting it changed was in October, and we had to bring her in to the Dr. and they changed it for us while we watched.  This time, and from now on (unless there are problems) we are on our own.  I thought taking an NG (nasogastric) tube in and out was hard; but this is a little more difficult because you see the hole in her stomach when you take it out, and you have to push (kinda hard) to put the new one in.  I hope I don't get too faint; but am thinking of maybe making Adam do it the first time.  We'll see.

Anywho, things have been going very well with Macy's reflux and eating.  She has been off Zantac since 12/21/11 and is doing great.  We are working on chunks and finger foods.  This week she did a really good job eating pears and mandarin oranges.  Let's hope this continues!

Macy has been progressing really well with her walking too.  She LOVES walking her dinosaur around the house.  That is all she wants to do these days.  It is so cute because she'll stop and hit his spikes until she gets the song she likes the best; then she'll continue walking.  

Macy is officially 16 months old today!!!  I can't believe how much she has grown, and she is definitely showing her little personality more and more.  She is such a great kiddo!  Couldn't ask for better!  We are so blessed in many ways!

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