Friday, February 3, 2012

'Downward Dog'...Macy style!

Things have been going pretty well over here at the Stewart household lately!  We have been focusing on enjoying family time with Macy, and have been transforming her bedroom into a Princess paradise!  (which she loves).  We have been doing a lot of thinking about spring and summer's hard not to think about it when it has been in the 50's the last few days, and we're in MICHIGAN!!  Crazy.  Maybe we'll get lucky and winter will skip right over us this year!  (one can only hope!)  We usually do alot of camping April through October, and just bought a new camper last year so we figured we better get some use out of it.  It is something to look forward to, and since we are saving for IVF with PGD we can't afford any "real" vacations this year.  Hopefully next year though because I am definitely getting the itch; and it gets harder and harder to ignore.

Macy is still eating great.  She has been off zantac for about 6 weeks now and has shown no signs of reflux.  We did hit a bit of a snag in that our insurance wouldn't cover her increased dosage of prevacid; so we easily by-passed that by just buying the 'over the counter' instead.  We break open a capsule and dump the beads onto a spoonful of applesauce, and give it to her that way; and it works great!  And a is actually much cheaper than the Rx.  Win-Win!

Macy has NO appointments this month, so we are enjoying that.  She has a few in March and a few in April so hopefully this month will drag a little!  She has to get her blood drawn in March (every 3 months remember...goes by way too fast).  

It has been a month since our blood draw for our HLA typing was done.  Since I have not heard anything I am assuming that means neither Adam nor I are a match for Macy.  I have to call and get copies of the tests to know for sure, but am not expecting good news.  We weren't expecting to be matches; it was a long-shot really; but we had to try.  

Still on pins and needles waiting to find out  her complementation group results...they said preliminary results would be in Feb. at the earliest.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will hear something.  It's been 6 months already, and it is so hard waiting.  

Here the best part...pic.'s of Macy!  Since I haven't posted in a while there's a lot!  :)
CAUGHT!  She took all the wipes out (in a pile behind her), unzipped her bag and took out the medicine syringe, and tried hiding it in the wipes container.

Seeing what a plastic ball tastes like in her ball pit

Looking at pictures on her cell phone

Looking cute!

Super excited over her new princess toddler bed

Reading a book in her new the living room.  Mommy put it together but waiting for Daddy to get home to move it to her room.

Coloring at Red Robin

Getting all bundled up to play in the snow (one of the few days we have had some this year)

Loving the snow

Wanting to join Bela on the deck

Macy loves yoga...on her way to 'downward dog'!

And there it is!
Happy Groundhog Day!

take care,


  1. Love the pictures...and the updates! Renae

  2. What a cutie! Giving prevacid whole (beads) will work more effectively than dissolving into solution, glad she is eating so good! Great pics!

    1. Thanks! Good; I am glad it will work good. Seems to be, and it is actually a lot easier this way. And it's two more times a day we don't have to attach her tube anymore! (always a plus!)