Monday, February 20, 2012

I Scratched!

Can you believe it's almost March?  Were did the time go.  This winter has been...well, not a winter at all.  I'm not complaining though.  Not a big fan of snow anyways, but none the less very happy for spring to be around the corner.

So, Macy has made a couple of exciting break-through's.  The first being she is actually asking for her sippy cup during the day when she is thirsty.  I know that might not seem like a big deal to most.  But when you have a child that (almost exactly a year ago) stopped eating/drinking by mouth completely to the point of hospitalization, and had zero interest in food or drink for a long time start asking for her sippy or water; that's exciting!  The second is she is starting to walk.  She has been cruising furniture for so long but never wanted to try walking on her own until last week.  She started out with a couple steps but is now doing about 4-7 steps at a time by herself.  She's so cute, and is so proud of herself when she does it!  Man, I love her so much!

Still no word on her test results.  I am starting to worry that maybe A, C, & G came back negative and that's why?  They test those 3 groups first and if they are neg. go to the next 3 most common.  It is kinda complicated and long to explain what that means, but we want her to be an A.  Without getting too much into it, the bottom line is certain groups are worse than others.  And by worse I mean higher chances of Leukemia, cancer at an even younger age, and a much shorter life-expectancy.  Not to mention we may not be able to do IVF with PGD if she is certain groups.  Hopefully they will give us some info. soon before I start freaking myself out too much.  If she has to have Fanconi Anemia, please pray that atleast she's an A.

So, Adam and I have been very diligent on trying to not spend too much and save, save, save for the IVF.  But, I have had an "itch" for about 6 months or so now to go on vacation.  Every time I would get close to booking I would talk myself out of it.  But I finally scratched the itch and gave in, and booked a vacation to Disney World in the Spring.  We have been through a lot this past year, and I think we really need to get away and try to relax so hopefully this will help.  I think Macy will have a good time, and there is no way we will have all the info. we will need to start the IVF this spring anyways.  Unfortunately, I am thinking it will be more like this fall.  But hopefully not too much longer than that.  Being 30 now I have never heard my biological clock ticking louder than it is now.  Tick Tock...It's like I have that crocodile from Peter Pan following me around everywhere reminding me...tick tock tick tock!  (due to our upcoming vaca I thought that particular reference would be fitting).  :)

Macy will have her HemOnc appointment in March to check her levels again.  Hopefully all of her counts will be in the normal range.

Also, little Macy girl is going to be in a calendar (Miss October) to help raise money for Fanconi Anemia.  I don't have the info. on how to purchase one yet, but if anyone is interested once I get the info. I will share it.  All proceeds go to a wonderful cause!  Thank you to those who are putting it together!  

Macy pics:
Going for a walk with daddy's gloves on

Eating a snack sitting in her new Princess desk

checking out her new sheets

On V day morning...walking around with her Dino AND her balloon everywhere

That beautiful smile we all love!

Day after V day and still bring the balloon everywhere

Where did the balloon go?

Ready for snack time

Playing with her balloon
Well that's all folks!  Take care,

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