Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter everyone!  We sure had a nice weekend, and had way too much sugar!  I am surprised Macy is sleeping so well tonight since she had nerds, chocolate, and ate an entire purple peep!  That's definitely not a common practice at our house, but for special occasions why not.  

Here are a couple cute pics!
Getting ready for Easter

Easter egg hunt

Hanging with daddy at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Loving the cozy coupe

Seeing what is in the egg

Loves putting her foot on the table for dinner...just as I did when I was a kid!  :)  so funny how those things get passed down!

Macy loves her tutu!

Taking a break (love her in yellow)

This is a random pic.  But the tree in our front yard blossomed in March this's only this color for a week then turns burgundy

Macy eating ice of the few things she'll feed herself with a spoon

Gotta have a Macy and mommy shot

Farmer Macy
So Macy had one appointment last week.  It was her hearing test and she passed which was a nice relief.  We haven't had any concerns with her hearing but she gets a hearing test annually just to be sure since hearing problems can be a side effect of FA.  Next appointment is not until May.

Macy's favorite things right now are tutu's and bathing suits.  She loves wearing them around the house; she is so silly.  I've been getting into sewing lately and purchased some swim fabric.  I made her a pair of swimming pants, and swim sleeves.  They turned out pretty good for my first "big" project.  We try to keep her as covered as possible in the sun and it is so hard to find long sleeve swim shirts for girls.  They have them for boys everywhere, but only short sleeve for girls so I have the sleeves I made her that we add-on which makes any short sleeve swim shirt a long sleeve one.  And she has the pants in lieu of the bikini style bottoms that come with.  I think we are set for summer now!  I can make an entire bathing suit for her for like $2.00 versus the $40.00 it is to order one online that is the long sleeve and pants.  She does have one of those too; but it won't fit her till next year.  

Not too much of anything else going on which is good.  Adam chopped his hair.  No more Justin Bieber hair-do...hahaha, or Haymitch as the BIL put it the other weekend!  :)

take care,


  1. She's sooooooo adorable. Loved all the pics. Rhys likes chillin with her feet up too. Makes me laugh. Funny to see another kidlet do it too. Glad you got a photo with you in the too. Often seems like there aren't as many of those in most families. Glad she passed her hearing test! Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun. :-)

    1. The foot on the table thing totally cracks me up. Macy does it at dinner every night now; she thinks it's hilarious too.

      I hope you guys are enjoying your new house. It is beautiful. I hope Emma has been able to find her quiet place to 'chill' out in. I bet they are all having fun exploring though! Have fun decorating!!!