Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun and Business too!

So we finally have everything we need to start!!!!!  Yeah!  I received my carrier screening results last week and emailed them to our PGD place.  Mine was positive (as we predicted).  Our consult with them is Tuesday, and they sent us the kits already so Wednesday morning we will get our blood samples, and cheek swabs done and overnight them to Chicago.  Then they can officially start building our test.  Later this week I plan on calling our IVF clinic to officially "book" our IVF month.  I am not sure if it is going to be August or September.  I will see what they say when I call, because it will depend on my cycle.

So anywho, we have been pretty busy this past week or so.  We spent Memorial Weekend up in Mackinaw.  We were home for one day then headed out camping at the lake through this weekend.  We kinda got blasted a little with colder and rainy weather, but didn't let it ruin our fun times!  We ended up getting an "Old Fashioned" picture taken of all of us (12 people) when we were in Mackinaw.  I will have to post it sometime.  It's funny, and my nephews and niece are making the cutest, and silliest faces in them.

Here are a few pic's from our adventures!

Macy playing in the sand on the beach...she had a lot of fun running around with her cousins, and dumping sand all over!

Big smile this time!

 Serious looks from Macy and Adam...or maybe they were sick of going in gift shops!  :)

Okay, so I am a dork in that instead of buying shirts I just take pictures of the one's I think are funny!  :)

I had to take a picture of this one because it is soooooooo my Dad.  Hehehehehe!

I thought Macy would probably like this one! 
 This is the bronze statue guy.  He stands there ALL day (seriously all day).  And once in a while will move to scare someone....yes it's a real person under there.  He even wears bronze colored contacts. 

Macy getting ready for our Old Fashioned picture in her Victorian Style dress and old school doll.  She had a cute headband with feather too, but kept taking it off.
 Not sure what she is pointing at; but thought she looked cute!

Macy and I chillin on the boat!  She had fun running around earlier and was pooped!
Going fast with my hair flying all over!

Hanging out in the camper when it was raining...being silly with the sand toys!

Macy and Bela (Bayla)!  Macy thinks it's hilarious that she can use Bela as a back rest.
Macy driving the boat
 A little blurry, but still cute!  Macy and Daddy!
 Chillin in her camping chair!
 I thought this picture was so cute in how she is walking.  Arms pumped like she owns the place, etc.  hehehe, she is so funny!

So those are all the pics for now.  The busy season has officially started.  Looking at the calendar we have something going on every weekend until the middle of August.  Whew!  I am tired just thinking about it.  But, with a lot of busy comes a lot of memories too!  Can't wait for all the silly things that Macy will do this summer!  She has been doing some really silly facial expressions lately!  love it!  

And as for the IVF...after a little over a year of planning and trying to get everything together the time is finally here.  Who knows, a year from now we could be holding a baby (or babies) in our hands!!!!

Take care,

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