Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sono/Mock ET

Just wanted to put a disclaimer first letting readers know the info. posted below may not be suitable for children, and talks about reproductive parts.

Today I had my sonohystagram (sp? I could probably get up and look at the paper to see how it is spelled but that is way too much work) and mock embryo transfer.  They both went well!  Everything was measured to know how far the cath needs to go for the real transfer, and the Dr. said my uterus, and ovaries are both normal! (yeah)  We weren't expecting anything different; but you never know.

So we are now complete with all of our pretesting.  Whew!  So far all good news.  Next week I will do my injection training so I know what I am doing in terms of the shots.  They use to have classes, but now they just have you watch videos online at home and let them know if you have any questions.  I'm not too worried about the stomach shots; but one's that go in the butt (more the outer hip area) are the 1.5 inch needles.  Those will freak me out a little, especially since Adam will have to be the one to do them.  But those don't start till around the egg retrieval.  So I'll wait until it's time before I worry too much about those.

Yesterday we received some more good news!  If it all turns out to be true; then it is really really good news!  We got a letter from our insurance company saying they approved my appeal to cover the PGD portion.  They will not cover the biopsies or embryologist travel expenses, but they will cover the PGD testing, and the set-up which cuts what we have to pay in half!!!  That is so awesome because it if all works out (I am usually cautious not to get overly excited until the claim goes through and they pay it) it will make it so we afford a couple more cycles than we originally thought which takes some of the pressure off.  And stress is not good for fertility.

In light of stress not being good I ordered some aromatherapy oils, etc.  I also bought a book that tells you which one's to use for what, and how to mix them.  We can also use some of them mixed with distilled water to make a chemical free, natural insect repellent for Macy (so that's a bonus!).  I am excited to start relaxing!  :)

So on the Macy front; we got about 2-3 hours of sleep last night.  Macy was not happy all night.  Crying and only being happy in my or Adam's arms.  She's not teething right now, and isn't sick or anything.  She has never slept in bed with us so that doesn't work.  If I try to have her lay down next to me; she ends up slapping me in the face so I'll open my eyes so she can play.  Little stinker!  So we had an endless cycle of us letting her cry for a bit, getting her, her playing, and going back to bed for 5-10 min before she started crying again.  Till about 5am.  It is VERY unlike her.  She is usually an awesome sleeper and has never done that before.  I think she may have been hungry because she didn't eat much for dinner.  I didn't put 2 and 2 together till 5am so I fed her some snacks.  She went to bed after that and slept till I woke her at 10:15am this morning before I left for my appointment.  My mom and niece Katelyn came over to hang out with her while I was gone!  Thanks!  Let's hope tonight we get more sleep!

Now that we are getting started with things I will probably be updating a lot more to keep our family and friends (and anyone else that wants to read about it) updated on everything going on with our IVF.

take care,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's Officially On

So things have been pretty busy lately.  It has been really abnormally hot (and dry) out so Macy hasn't been able to go outside too much.  Not to mention we have all caught a cold as well.  Strange to be sick in July, but we are starting to feel better.  Macy never eats well when she doesn't feel good (what kid does), so it is times like this that I am actually thankful for her G tube.  If she doesn't want to eat we don't push it.  We just tube her more.  She is very aware of her tube now.  And when we feed her with it she wants to help so we let her push the syringe. 

Last weekend we painted almost our entire upstairs while Macy spent the day camping with my parents.  At first I didn't like it at all but it is growing on me.  It was supposed to be pumpkin with espresso accents; and turned out looking like Halloween so I eliminated all of our dark bronze hardware, wall coverings, etc. and replaced everything with cream, khaki, and brushed nickel.  And it looks a lot LESS Halloween-y in here.  Which is good.

One thing that Macy has started doing that is very cute and silly is whenever she is doing something she is not suppose to be doing (like walking around on the couch); she quickly runs up to me and gives me a kiss when I am mid-sentence in telling her not to do it.  hehehehe.  She's so funny.  It's like she is trying to silence me with kisses.  :)

IVF update: I did start my cycle this week so we are doing all of our pre-testing right now.  I did my bloodwork yesterday, and Adam is in the morning.  I scheduled my sonohystagram  (sp?) and mock embryo transfer for next week Thursday.  They are both required tests, and the SHG is where they put water into your uterus and do an ultrasound to check to make sure you don't have any cysts, or anything crazy going on in there that would prevent you from getting pregnant.  The mock embryo transfer is so they can measure to know how far the catheter needs to go for the real one.  

I will be calling the pharmacy this week to get everything aligned for all of my IVF meds, and to make sure they are here in time.  I am planning on having them about a week before I start injecting them.  The first med is Lupron.  You start that on day 21 of your cycle ( FYI: IVF is a 2 month or 2 cycle process).  So for me that is August 7th (my parent's anniversary).  Lupron shuts down your ovaries and makes it so they are completely controlled by medication, and not your body (it is a stomach injection in the evening). 

 After 10 to 14 days on Lupron I should start my menstrual cycle.  At that time I'll get a baseline ultrasound then start the FSH (follicle stimulating hormones plus HMG for 2 days) in addition to the Lupron.  Once this is started (also both by stomach injection in the evening) an ultrasound and morning bloodwork (estradriols) are done every other day for 2 weeks to check follicle growth.  If all goes well next step is the egg retrieval which should land in early September.

Our ducks are finally in a row!  Let's just hope they stay that way!

take care,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Rest of Results

Macy had her genetics appointment today.  Everything went well.  We received some good news about her hip x-ray too.  So, a little bit of background first:
 when you're born you have cartilage at the head of both femurs.  After a period of time they ossify into bone.  That  is basically what keeps your hip in it's socket.  When Macy had her hip brace taken off when she was about 4 months old; they had her come in a few months later around 7 months of age and took an x-ray.  At that time her right femural head had not ossified yet; however, both hips were in socket, and the depth of the socket had increased which is good.  Her sockets were shallow before which would cause her hips to pop out of socket.  The brace she wore for about 6 weeks kept her legs in a frog-like position and drove the end of the femur into the socket making it deepen as it grew; therefore, holding the hips in socket.

So with this x-ray it did show that both were ossified now which is good.  The left hip looks normal (also good); and the right is close.  When she has her right leg straight the femural head slips to the side of the socket.  It doesn't come out, but is near the side.  When she puts her legs in a criss-cross or knee out position (frog) it returns to the middle.  They believe only monitoring is necessary at this point.  As she continues to grow; her socket should continue to deepen and the head should grow nicely inside the socket and it should correct itself.  Hopefully that is what happens!  But it is definitely better news than what I was expecting!

While we were in the waiting room I also received an email from RGI. (Reproductive Genetics Institute) is who we are going through for our PGD and HLA testing.  They are out of Chicago.  Anyways, more good news!  Our HLA test is set up and ready to go.  Macy does NOT appear to have inherited a recombinant HLA (great news!), and they are in the final stages of the PGD set up.  We should be good to go for us to start with this cycle which is going to be mid-next week sometime!  Everything seems to be falling into place.  Let's hope that continues!

Some Macy pics:

Love this picture!  
 Getting dirty at the campground...she had a lot of fun though!

Looking so grown up in her headband, and watching movies in the car!

Playing dress-up!

Can't get enough of the headbands.  We bought these Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse one's in Disney!  So cute!

take care,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

6/28/12 Appt. Results (partial)

We have the results (some) from Macy's appointments last week.  First, her kidney ultrasound went well!  We met with her Nephrologist and she said her kidney(s) are growing very well and are in the normal percentile range (around 50th percentile).  She said the structure looks good, and there is good blood flow.  She said they look good enough to feel comfortable moving her appointments to a 9 month stretch in between instead of every 6 months like we have been doing.  So that's good!!!!

Her blood counts are as follows:

WBC (6,000-18,000) Macy's 11,680
HgBN (10-14) Macy's 12.1
Platelets (140,000-400,000) Macy's 259,000
ANC (1,500-6,000) Macy's 1,402
MCV (74-90) Macy's 87

Everything is looking great.  Her ANC is a little low, but she is always at the low end or a little below the normal range.  ANC stands for Absolute Neutrophil Count.  It is a specific type of white blood cell they look for that fights off infection.  Her Dr. has not seemed concerned about it so I'm not going to worry about it.  All of her other numbers are pretty excellent so let's hope it stays that way for a long time.

I have not received the results from her hip xray.  That is the result that I have been waiting for because the other two above were routine checks, the hip xray was due to a concern.  If I don't hear anything by Monday I am going to call.

Macy has been doing very well lately.  She said "backpack" yesterday so we were all excited about that.  It has been very hot lately here so we have been spending a lot time indoors in the A/C.  She ate a turkey dog for the first time last week too.  She is eating pretty well; except for vegetables.  But what toddler likes eating vegetables anyways.  She will eat a little bit of carrots sometimes so that will have to be good enough for now.  We still supplement with some toddler formula to fill in the gaps, and a multi vitamin.  

IVF update: We will be starting our IVF with this cycle which will start around 7/18.  Can't believe it is almost here.  It has been over a year in the making so we are very eager.  We have not heard anything from our PGD place so I am assuming that means Macy inherited a normal HLA and not a recombinant HLA.  Today is 3 weeks since they started building our test.  I believe the HLA part only takes 2 weeks; it's the FA part that takes 4 or so.  So I hope if there was a red flag with the HLA part we would have heard something by now.  

We had our meeting with the nurse, and have everything figured out and ready to go for when my cycle starts.  IVF is a 2 month or 2 cycle process.  So even though we are starting with my July cycle; I won't start taking the meds until around August 7th.  (day 21 of your cycle).  I am guessing the egg retrieval will be approx. anywhere as early as Aug. 31st to as late as Sept. 7th.  They take the biopsies on day 3 after the egg retrieval, and the embryo transfer is on day 5.  We should find out if we are pregnant or not right on or close around Macy's 2nd birthday.  What a  wonderful gift that would be if it worked.  Fingers crossed! :)

Anywho, I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July!

take care,