Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's Officially On

So things have been pretty busy lately.  It has been really abnormally hot (and dry) out so Macy hasn't been able to go outside too much.  Not to mention we have all caught a cold as well.  Strange to be sick in July, but we are starting to feel better.  Macy never eats well when she doesn't feel good (what kid does), so it is times like this that I am actually thankful for her G tube.  If she doesn't want to eat we don't push it.  We just tube her more.  She is very aware of her tube now.  And when we feed her with it she wants to help so we let her push the syringe. 

Last weekend we painted almost our entire upstairs while Macy spent the day camping with my parents.  At first I didn't like it at all but it is growing on me.  It was supposed to be pumpkin with espresso accents; and turned out looking like Halloween so I eliminated all of our dark bronze hardware, wall coverings, etc. and replaced everything with cream, khaki, and brushed nickel.  And it looks a lot LESS Halloween-y in here.  Which is good.

One thing that Macy has started doing that is very cute and silly is whenever she is doing something she is not suppose to be doing (like walking around on the couch); she quickly runs up to me and gives me a kiss when I am mid-sentence in telling her not to do it.  hehehehe.  She's so funny.  It's like she is trying to silence me with kisses.  :)

IVF update: I did start my cycle this week so we are doing all of our pre-testing right now.  I did my bloodwork yesterday, and Adam is in the morning.  I scheduled my sonohystagram  (sp?) and mock embryo transfer for next week Thursday.  They are both required tests, and the SHG is where they put water into your uterus and do an ultrasound to check to make sure you don't have any cysts, or anything crazy going on in there that would prevent you from getting pregnant.  The mock embryo transfer is so they can measure to know how far the catheter needs to go for the real one.  

I will be calling the pharmacy this week to get everything aligned for all of my IVF meds, and to make sure they are here in time.  I am planning on having them about a week before I start injecting them.  The first med is Lupron.  You start that on day 21 of your cycle ( FYI: IVF is a 2 month or 2 cycle process).  So for me that is August 7th (my parent's anniversary).  Lupron shuts down your ovaries and makes it so they are completely controlled by medication, and not your body (it is a stomach injection in the evening). 

 After 10 to 14 days on Lupron I should start my menstrual cycle.  At that time I'll get a baseline ultrasound then start the FSH (follicle stimulating hormones plus HMG for 2 days) in addition to the Lupron.  Once this is started (also both by stomach injection in the evening) an ultrasound and morning bloodwork (estradriols) are done every other day for 2 weeks to check follicle growth.  If all goes well next step is the egg retrieval which should land in early September.

Our ducks are finally in a row!  Let's just hope they stay that way!

take care,


  1. I'm so glad they are doing a mock transfer for you guys! I was kind of ticked that they didn't do that for us. It just makes you feel better that they are doing everything in their power to make sure that you get the best results. I also had that hysterogram thingy, I'm not sure how much you looked into that test, but for me, the stuff that they injected the fluid into your uterus looked like a giant knitting needle... it was one of those moments when I was like "wait... you're going to put that where?!?!" :-) Good luck! I think about you guys all the time!

  2. haha...Sarah you're funny! Thanks for the heads up. I try not to look very much when they have stuff like that out. So far I really like the IVF place we chose. They are super organized (which I love) and seem to have it together. Can't believe we are actually starting...crazy! And your girls are 7 months now (or will be tomorrow-ish I think). They are getting so big, and looking adorable! Their 1st birthday will be here before you know it.