Monday, July 9, 2012

Rest of Results

Macy had her genetics appointment today.  Everything went well.  We received some good news about her hip x-ray too.  So, a little bit of background first:
 when you're born you have cartilage at the head of both femurs.  After a period of time they ossify into bone.  That  is basically what keeps your hip in it's socket.  When Macy had her hip brace taken off when she was about 4 months old; they had her come in a few months later around 7 months of age and took an x-ray.  At that time her right femural head had not ossified yet; however, both hips were in socket, and the depth of the socket had increased which is good.  Her sockets were shallow before which would cause her hips to pop out of socket.  The brace she wore for about 6 weeks kept her legs in a frog-like position and drove the end of the femur into the socket making it deepen as it grew; therefore, holding the hips in socket.

So with this x-ray it did show that both were ossified now which is good.  The left hip looks normal (also good); and the right is close.  When she has her right leg straight the femural head slips to the side of the socket.  It doesn't come out, but is near the side.  When she puts her legs in a criss-cross or knee out position (frog) it returns to the middle.  They believe only monitoring is necessary at this point.  As she continues to grow; her socket should continue to deepen and the head should grow nicely inside the socket and it should correct itself.  Hopefully that is what happens!  But it is definitely better news than what I was expecting!

While we were in the waiting room I also received an email from RGI. (Reproductive Genetics Institute) is who we are going through for our PGD and HLA testing.  They are out of Chicago.  Anyways, more good news!  Our HLA test is set up and ready to go.  Macy does NOT appear to have inherited a recombinant HLA (great news!), and they are in the final stages of the PGD set up.  We should be good to go for us to start with this cycle which is going to be mid-next week sometime!  Everything seems to be falling into place.  Let's hope that continues!

Some Macy pics:

Love this picture!  
 Getting dirty at the campground...she had a lot of fun though!

Looking so grown up in her headband, and watching movies in the car!

Playing dress-up!

Can't get enough of the headbands.  We bought these Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse one's in Disney!  So cute!

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