Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sono/Mock ET

Just wanted to put a disclaimer first letting readers know the info. posted below may not be suitable for children, and talks about reproductive parts.

Today I had my sonohystagram (sp? I could probably get up and look at the paper to see how it is spelled but that is way too much work) and mock embryo transfer.  They both went well!  Everything was measured to know how far the cath needs to go for the real transfer, and the Dr. said my uterus, and ovaries are both normal! (yeah)  We weren't expecting anything different; but you never know.

So we are now complete with all of our pretesting.  Whew!  So far all good news.  Next week I will do my injection training so I know what I am doing in terms of the shots.  They use to have classes, but now they just have you watch videos online at home and let them know if you have any questions.  I'm not too worried about the stomach shots; but one's that go in the butt (more the outer hip area) are the 1.5 inch needles.  Those will freak me out a little, especially since Adam will have to be the one to do them.  But those don't start till around the egg retrieval.  So I'll wait until it's time before I worry too much about those.

Yesterday we received some more good news!  If it all turns out to be true; then it is really really good news!  We got a letter from our insurance company saying they approved my appeal to cover the PGD portion.  They will not cover the biopsies or embryologist travel expenses, but they will cover the PGD testing, and the set-up which cuts what we have to pay in half!!!  That is so awesome because it if all works out (I am usually cautious not to get overly excited until the claim goes through and they pay it) it will make it so we afford a couple more cycles than we originally thought which takes some of the pressure off.  And stress is not good for fertility.

In light of stress not being good I ordered some aromatherapy oils, etc.  I also bought a book that tells you which one's to use for what, and how to mix them.  We can also use some of them mixed with distilled water to make a chemical free, natural insect repellent for Macy (so that's a bonus!).  I am excited to start relaxing!  :)

So on the Macy front; we got about 2-3 hours of sleep last night.  Macy was not happy all night.  Crying and only being happy in my or Adam's arms.  She's not teething right now, and isn't sick or anything.  She has never slept in bed with us so that doesn't work.  If I try to have her lay down next to me; she ends up slapping me in the face so I'll open my eyes so she can play.  Little stinker!  So we had an endless cycle of us letting her cry for a bit, getting her, her playing, and going back to bed for 5-10 min before she started crying again.  Till about 5am.  It is VERY unlike her.  She is usually an awesome sleeper and has never done that before.  I think she may have been hungry because she didn't eat much for dinner.  I didn't put 2 and 2 together till 5am so I fed her some snacks.  She went to bed after that and slept till I woke her at 10:15am this morning before I left for my appointment.  My mom and niece Katelyn came over to hang out with her while I was gone!  Thanks!  Let's hope tonight we get more sleep!

Now that we are getting started with things I will probably be updating a lot more to keep our family and friends (and anyone else that wants to read about it) updated on everything going on with our IVF.

take care,

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