Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grow Follies grow!

Just a reminder that the below information talks about reproduction and is not suitable for children to read

Okay so first off, I wanted to share a SUPER cute picture of Macy I took today.  This was the adorable face I had waiting home for me when I got back from my ultrasound this morning.  Thanks for watching her mom!  :)

She was playing dress up.  She loves tutus still, she put her birthday crown from last year on, and had a scarf hanging off her shoulder.  She is soooo cute!  I just love it!

She does have her blood draw coming up in a couple weeks.  I always dread that so much.  I will make sure to use the emla cream this time.  Last draw I didn't have time because she had a bunch of other appointments that day for her hip, kidney, etc. and it was not fun, because they couldn't get a vein and poked her 8-10 times and got nothing out of the first arm.  Let's hope for good blood counts!  And hopefully her ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is holding steady and not getting too far below the normal range.  That's the one count that has me a little worried as it has been creeping just out of the normal range.

She will also have her 2 year well child in a few weeks.  Her Ped moved to a different office about 20 min. further away than where she was before, so it'll be a good 35-40 min. drive now.  I wanted to stick with her since Macy's history/disease is so complicated.  I don't really want to start over with someone else.  I also made her her first dental appointment.  Not till Feb. though.  It is a pediatric special needs dentist through the children's hospital.  So they will coordinate her dental care with her procedures at the hospital.  For example, if she needed any dental work (am thinking of getting sealants put on her teeth to protect them from tooth decay), they will come to the hospital and do it when she is under anesthesia for her bone marrow biopsy.  So that is nice.

I found out today our egg retrieval will more than likely be Saturday, Sept. 8th, which puts the transfer on Sept. 13th.  When you do PGD you have to do a 5 day transfer instead of a 3 day because the biopsies are done on day 3.  

Because of these dates we need to cancel/move Macy's birthday party to a different day. You have to be on bedrest for 2 days following transfer.  Since the weekend before transfer (8th is the egg retreival) we are thinking of doing it Labor Day weekend (probably on Labor Day) instead.  Kinda a bummer, but not too big of a deal.  Adam and I can still do something special with her on her b-day hopefully (sunday 16th).  The worry is if the retrieval got pushed to the 14th, then I would not be able to participate in her bday so that's why we are moving it.  However, I have a feeling that if anything it may be a day earlier than expected.  We will see.  

So there was all good news at my appointment today.  My ultrasound went well.  No cysts on the ovaries (lupron can cause cysts sometimes), and I have 12 follicles on the right, and 8-10 on the left. So right now 20-22 follicles (or sort of pre-follicles.  each follicle has the potential to hold 1 mature egg) and that's with the suppression of the lupron.  That doesn't mean I'll have that many for retrieval necessarily, but it is a good starting point for now.  Haven't started the stimulation meds yet which I start Monday.  Originally  I was going to start them tonight or tomorrow, but they pushed it back a little due to scheduling to make sure the biopsies landed mid-week for the PGD embryologist coming from Chicago.  That way the labs will be done during the week even though that puts my retrieval on a Saturday, but that's totally fine (alteast Adam won't have to take a day off work).

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