Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holy Moley Guacamole'!

Okay.  So I have a lot to catch up on.  Even though it's only been a couple days.  This will probably be a pretty long post.

First off, today (8/29/12) is Adam and I's 6 year wedding anniversary!  yeah!  Can't believe it's been 6 years already; time really goes by so fast.  Couldn't ask for a better husband and daddy to Macy.  I honestly wouldn't change a single thing about him.  Me and Macy are really lucky! 

Macy: I wanted to do a quick update head to toe.  Her reflux is doing great.  It is still controlled very well under meds.  I love that they have OTC generic prevacid now, because it is so much cheaper.  She is doing pretty well eating.  Trying to expand her foods lately and it is going okay.  She still won't eat many vegetables.  What is holding us back the most is still that she only drinks water so we will still have the G tube for a while to give her Vit. D milk.  We do need to change her button soon though.

I have noticed for a while that she seems to be behind in speech so I did call Early-On to see if they will come work with her to get her caught up; but they were under-staffed this summer and said they will try to send someone out this fall when the school year starts.  So that should be in the next month or so.  I'm not overly concerned about it.  It is apparent that she is really smart so she'll catch on when she's ready.  One thing about when your in our kind of situation is it actually takes the pressure off of trying to make sure your kid is the first one to do everything.  It seems like so many push their kids so hard just so they can say they walked at 9 months or were potty trained by the age of 2 or whatever.  We don't have that.  We just want Macy to be happy.

The hand she had her pollicization on is doing awesome.  She uses it very well, and her new thumb is really quite strong.  We were waiting to see if we could tell if she was left or right handed (Adam and I are both left handed) to determine if we are going to have surgery on the right hand or not.  If she was a lefty we were going to leave it alone.  A righty would mean surgery.  She doesn't need pollicization on that hand, just some muscle transfers to strengthen the joint.  If we don't have surgery she won't be able to grip a pencil.  And it looks like she is a righty so we will need to start thinking of that surgery...probably next year, but before preschool starts.  

Kidneys doing well, and still watching the right hip.  Sometimes when I pick her up I can feel it click so hopefully it will grow into place over the next 6 months and won't give her any more issues.  And she'll get her blood work in a few weeks so we will know what her counts are.  We will also probably need to schedule her bone marrow biopsy (which I am completely NOT looking forward to).

We are having Macy's birthday party this weekend.  Should be a lot of fun, and are having it at the Air Zoo.  Should be a good time!

We have been busy the last few weeks with a lot of projects around the house.  It has been very busy but nice at the same time because it has kept my mind off the IVF.  I have become a super crafter!  hehe.


I had my blood work and ultrasound today.  Everything went well!  I actually have 30 follicles right now.  Yes...30!  Craziness.  They said many of them are about 8 or 9mm which is really good for your first ultrasound after starting stims.  I don't really know what that means; but if they say it's good then I guess it's good.  Right now they said everything looks good and my uterine lining is already almost where it needs to be (in terms of thickness) for retrieval as well.  Personally, I am a little worried about Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.  I have a feeling that if out of anything that could be a complication for me; that would probably be it.  But the Dr. hasn't said anything about being concerned at this point so I guess I won't worry.  They said if my bloodwork showed anything that would change my dosage of meds they would call; and they didn't so I guess all was well.  They will also have a better idea of how many follicles they will have to work with at my next ultrasound which is Friday.  Shots are still going well.  I had to do 4 last night, and it wasn't bad at all.

So here are some cute pic's of Macy that I finally downloaded on the computer.
Macy LOVES to wear sunglasses.  These are her tinkerbell pair she carries around with her.  And she also loves night gowns right now too!

Giving her "disapproval" face.  This is her little area from when we went camping about a month ago.  She doesn't like being contained...even though I was in there with her.

Splashing in her kiddie pool camping.  We don't like her going in the lake water; especially this year with the hot weather causing all the e coli issues.

Trying to feed Bela, but didn't quite make it.

Helping clean up
Anywho, that's all for now.  Hopefully my ultrasound goes well on Friday and am looking forward to Macy's party!  :)

take care,

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