Monday, August 20, 2012

Phase 2

Just a word of discretion that the following contents is related to reproduction, and may not be suitable for children to read

Okay, so things have been going well lately.  I wanted to do a quick IVF and Macy update while she is still taking a nap.

I have been on lupron now for 14 days (as of today).  The shots have been getting much easier since that first day.  I have been doing them all myself, and rarely get nervous about it anymore.  One day we went out to dinner in town (when I say in town I usually mean Grandville...hehe.  Since it is about a 30 min. drive for us all highway; to me that is the city now!  :) ).  Anywho, so we went to dinner and I do my shot at 8pm every night.  I knew it would be close so I brought my kit with me.  I ended up having to give myself the shot in the car on the highway on the way home (as a passenger of course...Adam was driving).  So I guess I consider myself a pro now!  haha.

So today I started my menstrual cycle (sorry TMI); but that is what we were waiting for in order to schedule our next phase of IVF.  So my baseline ultrasound is on Wednesday morning.  They will check to make sure my ovaries are suppressed with the meds, and will look for cysts (lupron can cause ovarian cysts).  If all is good I will start my stim's (stimulation meds....Follistim and Menopur) on Thursday.  So for 2 days (thursday and friday) I will need to do 3 injections per night.  Then after that just 2 injections per night (glad I am use to the 1 now atleast).  

Once I start that on Thursday I will need to get an ultrasound and bloodwork done about every other day for 7-10 days or so depending on how I am responding to the meds.  Then the egg retrieval will happen.  Let's hope I respond well and have lots of follicles (each follicle usually contains an egg)!  I am trying to think of this cycle as a trial cycle to find out how my body responds to everything.  That way I won't be overly disappointed if the first cycle doesn't work out.

Macy: I can't believe Macy will be 2 in a couple of weeks!  That is crazy!  She is growing up way too fast.  When we were at the Dr. a while ago the Dr. commented on how she is growing so fast and is a little girl now (no longer a baby when she saw her last).  It's so is amazing to see her personality coming out more and more as she gets older.  She's such a great kiddo!  She will be a terrific big sister, and I am very excited that she could have a sibling next year!  She does so good with her cousin Lucas (who is 3 months).

Last weekend Macy went up north to the Stewart Farm with Adam for the night.  They had fun riding quads, flying kites, and hanging out with Gma and Papa.  I was supposed to take time and relax, but ended up painting the whole day.  I atleast was able to finish Macy's room because we don't paint when she is in the house (bc of fumes). I don't like her being around any type of chemicals due to her FA.

Macy is up from her nap so better go.  Will update later after my ultrasound this week.

take care,

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