Saturday, September 8, 2012

ER Scheduled

The below may not be appropriate for children

Just got off the phone with the nurse.  I am triggering tonight!!  So egg retrieval is set for Monday.  However, they said my estrogen (estradiol) level is over 5,000 now so I am only taking half of the trigger dosage. I also have to take an Rx (baby asprin and Dostinex) starting today to try and prevent Ovarian Hyperstimulation, because I am at risk since my levels are so high.

Also, since it is so high we have to do assisted hatching with the embryos before transfer.  I am not sure what exactly they do with assisted hatching; just that it costs extra. (of course, haha).

This morning at my ultrasound I made it a point not to pay attention to how many follicles I had.  I don't want to stress over it, and we'll get what we get.  However, they did say I have "a lot".  And when the nurse called she again said "you have A LOT of follicles" so hopefully it'll all work out.  Also at my ultrasound they said my ovaries and everything looked really great, and that they couldn't look any better.  That's a good sign I think.

Trigger is precisely at 10pm tonight.  It will be my first intramuscular shot....ugh!  Not looking forward to Adam stabbing me with a 1.5 inch needle in the upper booty.  Guess I better get use to it though.  Might have to steal some of Macy's emla cream. :)  (jk).

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