Friday, September 28, 2012

Hematology/Oncology Appt. 9/27/12

Macy had her hematology/Oncology appointment yesterday.  They did a good job drawing her blood this time.  Since it was her only appointment of the day I was able to put some emla cream on her before we left so hopefully she didn't feel anything.  They were able to get her blood pressure for the first time!!!  Usually she is so upset with them touching her and putting the cuff on her that they can never get a reading.  She did really good this time.  Was a little anxious, but let them do everything they needed.  We have been reading a 'Dora goes to the Doctor' book a lot lately, and I am hoping that helps, because she loves Dora!  :) 

Her blood counts were:
WBC normal(6-18)        
Macy  9.96                                               

 Hgb  (10-14)

 Platelets (140,000-400,000)

ANC  (1500-6000)

MCV  (74-90)

So everything looks good right now which is great, because if her numbers started falling below the normal range already that would add so much more pressure with getting our healthy match for her with IVF.  We meet with our Dr. on 10/8 to discuss our next cycle.  We will more than likely start with my Oct. cycle (end of Oct.), but unless they change my protocol from last time that will put the egg retrieval, etc. in December.  Seems like so far away.

We have a nice break in Macy's appointments too till December!  So that is good for her.  Except I need to get her in soon to get her flu shot...but putting that off but needs to get done!

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