Sunday, September 2, 2012

Macy's Bday Party! (and IVF update)

This isn't part of her birthday, but i had to add it because this is what she put on to wear out to dinner the other night.  I must say she was the only person there in 80-90 degree weather wearing a winter hat and a tutu dress!
Macy's birthday party was yesterday and I have to say she had a blast!  She knew the day was about her and loved it up!  We spent the first half of the day at the Air Zoo, and the kids seemed to really have a great time (and the adults too!).  We were thinking of maybe getting season passes so Macy could run around in there to burn energy on days that are too hot (we try to keep her out of the sun as much as possible due to the radiation and her extreme sensitivity to it that causes cancer), or a really cold winter day.  She LOVED the hot air balloon ride, and Adam and her went on it so much that the guy running it was like "you're riding this again?".....yup!  She didn't want to leave!  :)

The adults seemed to really like all the simulators.  They had a mission to mars one, and fighter pilot type one, and space mission one.  I didn't go on anything because my nurse said I can't do anything that involves bouncing or sudden movements (bc of the IVF).  But I really enjoyed the other parts, and watching Macy and the other kiddos have a great time though!

Macy is all smiles

Family Photo

Digging into the cake while we were all still singing happy birthday!


Having a blast!
We did all have a really good time!  


So I've had 2 ultrasounds since I posted last.  I wasn't overly excited about my ultrasound on Friday (it wasn't bad; just a little disappointing), so I decided to wait to see what this morning's was like.

Things seem to be going a bit better now.  On Friday I only had like 10-12 follicles.  9 that measured 8-10mm on the right, and 3 that measured 8-10mm on the left.  Then I had about 10 that only measured 3-4mm.  I was worried because you don't really know if those smaller one's (some or any) will catch up and be game players at all.  Since we only have a 19% chance per embryo that it will be healthy and also be a donor match for Macy we need as many as we can get to try and atleast have 1 to transfer.  So I was worried.

They called Friday night and increased my dosage of stimulation meds.  My ultrasound this morning was better.  My right had 5 at 11-12mm and 6 at 10mm, the left had 3 at 11-12mm and 3 at 10mm.  So between the 2 that is about 17 right now that are still in the running to becoming America's Next Top Model.  haahaha.  Just kidding.  Something about the way that sentence started off made me think of Tyra Bank's voice saying that.  If you don't watch that show (I actually don't watch it but have seen enough commercials) then you probably don't get the humor right now.

Anyways, things can happen so fast with IVF.  You can have lots of follies one day, and not a lot the next.  You never really know until the egg retrieval.  And even then they are not all going to grow after fertilized.  I just keep telling myself we just need 1!  My next ultrasound is Tuesday, then hopefully trigger on Thursday or Friday...then egg retrieval for this next coming weekend (8th or 9th).

take care,

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