Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still Truckin Along

The following info. talks about reproduction and may not be suitable for children

I wanted to quick update this morning before Macy wakes up.  I had an ultrasound this morning and had one last Tuesday as well.  Originally we thought I would do the trigger shot tonight and have the egg retrieval on Saturday.  I went in this morning and my Dr. decided to be a little more aggressive with my cycle (because we need as many eggs as we can get).  So he increased my dose (after it was decreased last Tuesday), and we are pushing it out 2 more days.  So I go back for another ultrasound Saturday, will do the trigger shot Saturday night, and egg retrieval will be Monday now.

My estrogen level was 1700 last Tuesday (was 600 two days before that). I am interested to see what it was today.  He said if it is too high they will call later and change our plan.  Your risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome starts at 3500.  I am thinking my level is probably in the mid to high 2000 right now, and will probably be close to that 3500 mark by retrieval, but I guess we'll see.  Maybe it will level off a bit.

(UPDATE: Nurse just called and my E2 is already at 3400.  They are lowering my dose a lot now.  We will see what it is on Sat.  She said that means I should have a lot of good mature eggs...not sure what "a lot" means....hopefully we get 12-15 atleast; that's my goal).

If you count the one's that they are wanting to "push" to see if they will grow to be mature I have about 20 now.  More than likely those will not get big enough but you never know.  What you want is "mature" eggs.  Even if you get 20 eggs at retrieval if they're  not mature their useless.  And if they get too big and are over-mature; they are also useless.  So the timing of your HCG (trigger) shot, and retrieval are pretty vital to how many embryos you end up with.  I am glad my Dr. is being more aggressive than playing it too safe.

The more mature eggs = a better chance at having healthy matches = getting a healthy baby out of this (which we are beyond thrilled to have another child or two or three!) = a matched sibling donor for Macy = a real chance at extending Macy's life.  So it's a BIG deal.

I absolutely cannot wait for how the relief of this being a success will feel (whether it is with this cycle or the next one or so).  Talk about a HUGE weight off your shoulders.  Hopefully we have good news at my ultrasound on Saturday, and get lots of mature eggs on Monday!!!!

take care,


  1. I hope everything goes smoothly and you get lots of good eggs.