Thursday, September 13, 2012


So I carried the phone around with me all day today just like a teenage girl waiting for a boy to call.  Waited and waited.  Didn't even shower because I didn't want to miss the call.  It came around 3pm and I still don't know anything?????

The nurse said they don't know what time my transfer will be on Saturday.  They will need to talk to the PGD lab tomorrow afternoon and get an estimate on when the results will be in Saturday.  So she said our transfer could be really early in the morning or as late as noon.  They will call back tomorrow and let us know.

So I had to many did they biopsy today?  Did all 10 make it so far?  She didn't know.  She said that is on the lab chart and not the patient chart she had, but she seemed to think it was 10.  UGH!  Are you trying to give me a heart attack or what?  She said she would look into it and would call later today if it was any different.  5:15pm and no call yet?  I am hoping that means all 10 were biopsied and still doing okay, but don't know for sure.  I hope they have more details tomorrow because I am freaking out not knowing.

Trying to come up with a plan B of something "fun" we can do this weekend if we end up having nothing to transfer to keep my mind off it.  Sunday (16th) is Macy's actual birthday so maybe we'll do something special for her!  :)  If we do have something to transfer I'll be on bedrest but Adam will take her to do something fun.

2 days will seem like an eternity I think!  :)

take care,


  1. Hang in there.... The wait is the worst ( I've been there and it sucks)!! Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way!

  2. Thank you! The wait is hard. Only one more day though! :) Jenn