Thursday, October 11, 2012

Camping, IVF round 2 plan, and Sick!

So we've been pretty busy the last week or so.  We left on Tues. 10/2 and went camping for the week, and got home the following Sunday.  We always camp in October for the fall festival, and enjoy all the Halloween festivities.

Macy had a really good time.  She LOVES camping!  She painted pumpkins, went trick or treating, and had so much fun playing with her cousins.  The weather was okay during the week, but for the weekend it was rainy and cold. 30's-40's.  We bundled her up tight always wearing a winter hat outside with lots of layers, and a coat and rain boots, etc.  But we still ended up getting sick.  :(  Macy and I are still sick.  Thought we were out of the woods, but today it has seemed to turn into a chest cold with coughing which is no fun.

Anyways, I have some really cute pictures, and Macy looked really cute in her Little Red Riding Hood costume.  I will have to post them later though, because I am limited on time.

Adam and I had our follow up visit on 10/8 to discuss with our Dr. our plan for our next IVF cycle.  We are going to change my protocol this time to the Antagonist protocol.  It is 1 month instead of 2 months because you basically eliminate using Lupron before stims.  Lupron suppresses your ovaries and we are not doing that this time.   We are going to stim hard and hope for lots of eggs.  Since my estrogen levels got really high last time this protocol basically eliminates the possibility of getting ovarian hyperstimulation because you trigger with Lupron instead of HCG.

We did find out that the embryo we implanted last time was just so/so quality.  So that may be the reason it didn't implant.  The non-matches they froze for our future children were better quality, but those are not an option right now.  The whole point of us doing IVF is to get a bone marrow donor match for Macy.  Of course it's not the reason we are having another child!  That would happen regardless.  We always wanted more kids, and if FA wasn't in our lives we would already have another child, and probably be thinking about #3.  It's just the avenue we are using changed so we can have another child that is free of this horrible disease, and also a match for Macy.  

So right now it looks like I will be starting my stims right around Thanksgiving.  Egg retreival, etc. will be towards the beginning of December.  I love that Macy has a fall birthday so I would be very happy having another that is Aug/Sept.  :)  I have a good feeling about this next one.  We are going to arrange for someone to watch Macy for 3 days after my transfer this time so we don't have to worry about incidents that are stressful (like her ripping her G tube out like what happened last time).  I already have a relaxation plan.  I love Christmas music so I am going to listen to the Transiberian Orchestra, watch all my favorite Christmas movies, and also watch the "Back to the Future" Trilogy.  I don't know why, but there is something about Michael J. Fox's voice that relaxes me so I am just going to surround myself with relaxation and hope those embies (or emby) sticks!

I also finally got around to scheduling Macy's 2 year pictures for the end of October.  I am sure they will turn out super cute!  

take care,

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