Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time flies when your having...IVF, what?


It seems like this month has just flown by.  I remember when we learned our first cycle failed in September it felt like it would be FOREVER before we could start the next one.  And now we are only 2 weeks away from my baseline ultrasound!  :)  I actually started my bcp's today that they want me on for a couple weeks before I start stims.  Feeling a little better with this cycle now that we know what to expect.  Maybe it'll be a bit more relaxing (not really, but I keep telling myself that).  Definitely making more of an effort to do so.  I am even turning our guest room into my "zen" room for now.  Hopefully that works out because I am not very good at relaxing, or being "zen" for that matter (whatever that means).  I also read there was a study done on women who watched comedies or went to comedy clubs after their transfers and it showed increased implantation rates.  Maybe I need to fill up our Netflix queue with comedies!  Anything that can increase our chances.  Many women do acupuncture, but our insurance doesn't cover it.  :(  So comedies and a zen room will have to suffice! 

So anyways, last week 'Early On' came to do the necessary paperwork for Macy.  They said a speech person would come out 1x a month on a consulting basis.  Basically give me tips on how to increase Macy's speech/language.  I guess she's not that far behind if that's all they are recommending for her.  We'll see what happens, I guess.

Macy and I both went and had our flu shots last week so we are good to go.  Adam had his in the beginning of October so hopefully this means none of us will get sick for the remainder of the winter season (fingers crossed!).

Only 2 days till Halloween and it looks as if it will be a bust this year due to the cold rainy/snowy weather.  Atleast we can bring Macy to the high school/middle school (one of the two can't remember which) to go trick-or-treating if it's too bad.  They started doing that last year so maybe it'll be worth checking out.  I bought her another costume (elephant) this year so she would be warmer; so we're going somewhere to get some use out of it...even if it's 5 minutes!!

I am hoping this weather is just a fluke and isn't a sign of an early, crappy winter.  Our IVF clinic is a good 50 minutes away in perfect conditions.  Add snow and crazy drivers to the mix and ugh...I don't want to think about it (that's not a relaxing formula).  So right now my baseline ultrasound is Nov. 14th.  Then I will start stims within a couple days and that starts my every other day ultrasounds.  I spoke to my IVF coordinator (nurse) this morning and she said I may have an ultrasound on Thanksgiving.....whoa nelly.  I guess no turkey for me...however, being that far into stims last time I felt pretty bloated and sick and didn't want to eat anyways.  Having 20 follicles in your ovaries can do that to ya I guess.  And I am hoping for more this time.  Or atleast the same but hoping more than 10 fertilize, because that's what hurt us last time.  You throw in the 1 in 6 stat of having a healthy match, and that was our 1 we had.  This time I am REALLY hoping for two.  But would still be very thankful for one.  If we do have something to transfer depending on if I am on stims for 10 or 12 days.  Retrieval will be approx. Nov. 30 or Dec. 2.  And transfer Dec. 5 or Dec. 7.  Dec. 5 is my mom's birthday, and 7 has always been one of her lucky numbers!!!  Hopefully it will rub off.  We will know if we are pregnant or not before Christmas...hoping this will be our little Christmas miracle!!

Someday I really will download pictures...I am horrible at doing that when I use an actual camera-camera to take pictures.  Just need to make time to do it.  Thank you Apple for making me so lazy with other technology.  

I hope everyone out on the East Coast is staying safe!

take care,


  1. That sounds like so much work but I understand why you are doing it. Hoping you are successful. Macy is adorable.
    Tena Boson

  2. Tena,
    Thank you! Yes, lots of work...but more than worth it! :) Our cycle starts in a week so hopefully we'll have better luck with this one! I hope you guys are doing well!