Saturday, November 10, 2012

Signing off till 2013!

So we have a lot of things coming up in the next 6 weeks or so.  Many fun things, and others not so much!

This coming week we are going to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple days.  I know Macy is going to have a blast as she LOVES water!  Last time we went she was too young to really care so it should be a good time for her.  Kinda our last outing until starting our next IVF cycle.  I have my baseline ultrasound on Wednesday; then will start stims a day or so later.  Macy has her blood draw to check her counts in December along with a hip xray (praying for her counts to be stable, and for her hip to be looking good).  This is probably the last hip xray I will allow since FA makes her extremely sensitive to radiation.  Then somewhere in there is hunting season (for Adam), Thanksgiving, and Christmas (maybe a little ice fishing if the weather cooperates)!  It's going to be busy.  We also recently got a snowmobile so I know Macy will enjoy taking little rides on that this winter.  We already have her snowsuit and helmet ready to go!

With that said I am going to take a hiatus from the blog and facebook until the beginning of the year.  I want to get away from technology for a while and just enjoy spending the holidays with Macy, Adam, and our families.  

On the IVF front, if we have something to transfer this time we will know if we are pregnant or not before Christmas, and the first ultrasound will be around the last week of Dec. or first week of January.  Hoping we will have good news in January!!!!  And I am sure I will have lots of good pictures of Macy to share from the Holidays!

Take care, and happy holidays!

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  1. Have a great holiday season! Wishing you the best!!