Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fertilization Results-IVF #3

So we went to Chicago and had our egg retrieval yesterday morning. I was super nervous because they were running behind in the OR, so we didn't get in there until 1 hour after the scheduled retrieval. I was so anxious about ovulating on my own before the retrieval. Because that can happen. If that happens your cycle is scrapped and you have to start over. I don't know why I was so paranoid about it; but I was. Luckily, that didn't happen and everything went great! I got awesome drugs and was out like a light for the whole thing, and felt fine after I woke up.

Adam said as I was coming to the first thing I said in a very slurred voiced was "how many they get". Always have my eye on the prize. Hehehe. I was over the moon when he said "39". 39 eggs.....woweeee!! I was cautiously excited since usually there are some that are not mature, and not all will fertilize. I think the Dr. told Adam usually 50%-80% fertilize. (that would be 19.5-31.2 eggs in our case).

Last night I took my antibiotic before bed (to prevent infection) and woke up this morning itching like crazy. I looked in the mirror and I have a full body rash. I must have an allergic reaction to doxycycline. So I decided to wait until Mary (my IVF coordinator) called with the fertilization results and tell her then.

So she called and did call in a new antibiotic for me at the pharmacy. We got wonderful news today because out of the 39 eggs, 36 fertilized!!!' Yes, 36! That is better than I could have hoped for!!!!' Still being cautiously excited because out of what fertilize maybe 50% (if that) will make it to the blastocyst stage on day 5 or 6. Those are the only ones that will be biopsied and frozen. So we will get news again in about a week to find out how many were biopsied and frozen. I hope it's a lot, because if it is we could have a real chance this time!!! Maybe even have more than 1 that is a healthy match!!! Eek! A week after they are biopsied we will get the results. Please pray for us that we have a lot this time!!!! I feel like we are so close to making this happen!

Take care

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