Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PGD and HLA results in...

So I just received the call and it is such good news!  We have 3 embryos that are healthy and an HLA (bone marrow) match for Macy!   So happy and excited!!!!

We would like to transfer 2 and save the 1 for if the first 2 do not take. I am not sure if my Doctor will let us transfer 2. I think he is pretty big on eSET's (elective single embryo transfer), but we will see! We've never had more than 1 before so this is so awesome!  

I don't know how many healthy non-matches we have yet, because she called me right after the results came in. She also said something about a couple maybe needing to be re-tested. I am not sure if that means we could end up with more than 3, or not. I will get more details later on what she meant, but I am just really happy we have the 3 now!

Whew!  One more step...

Take care

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