Thursday, April 18, 2013

Preg test results

I don't know why I've been putting off this post for the last few days. I guess it's because it's been kinda a crazy week. A day or so after we got home from Chicago Macy had a really high fever that wouldn't break with Tylenol (she's not allowed to have Motrin due to her FA). Her temp ranged from 102.5-103.8. So when Adam got home from work he brought her into the hospital. We decided it'd be best if I didn't go. We didn't want to risk me getting sick or catching anything in the hospital. One thing we didn't foresee was that he would be gone when it was time for my progesterone shot. 

This is a 1.5 inch needle that has to be injected directly into the muscle. And soon I realized I'd have to do it myself. Adam does a great job when he gives them in my backside. I can barely feel it. But giving it to yourself is a completely different story. I had to do it in the thigh. It hurt like a %#*$@ and I told him I'm never doing that again. 

Blood everywhere and I almost fainted. Fun times!  Luckily our couch is already red. 

The next morning Macy woke up around 4am, and Adam got her and was rocking her in the rocking chair in her room. I decided to sneak off and do a home pregnancy test. At this point I was 5 days after the transfer and even though it was still really early it is possible to get a positive for the first time that day. I did the test, and a very faint second line appeared. I freaked out, busted in Macy's room where Adam was reading her a book and said "oh my god, I think I'm pregnant!"  We both went in the bathroom and stared at the little pee stick for about 10 minutes. Definitely a line there. 

So over the course of the next 4 days, I did about 12 pregnancy tests just to be sure. The line got darker and darker!!!!  Excited but nervous for my first blood test on the 15th. 

After a long wait I got the call around 4pm last Monday!  I heard the best words imagineable. "Congratulations, you're very pregnant!  HCG level is 321, and they want it be atleast over 100. I went back for my second test Wednesday (yesterday) and my HCG is 609. They like it to double every 48-72 hours so it is looking good!  My first ultrasound is next Wednesday. I'll be 5w3d.  It'll be too early for a heartbeat, but they are looking to make sure the pregnancy is in the uterus(not ectopic, when it implants in the fallopian tube or somewhere else----which would be bad), and how many. Since we transferred 2, and my levels are decently high, it is possible it could be twins!!!

So we are very happy, almost still in disbelief. I like to say I am cautiously optimistic because its so early still. I will feel much more confident when we see a heartbeat. Which should be at the ultrasound the following week. This ultrasound we want to see a gestational sac, and a yolk sac.

Trying to stay relaxed, and just being happy and thankful that things are going well right now!

Here's a picture of my progesterone shot; this is what happens when you don't have the band-aid ready!

My HPT's---the digital one only says pregnant for 24 hours before the battery dies.

Take care

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