Monday, May 13, 2013

Yeah!!! Go Twinsies!

I had my 8 week ultrasound today, and both baby's are looking great!  Baby A measured 15.5 mm with a heartbeat of 170, and Baby B measured 17.5 mm with a heartbeat of 174! Everything is on track and looking perfect!  I have been officially released to my OB/GYN, and we are thrilled!

In recent Macy news; she has been staying home and getting healthy. She had her nephrology appt. last week and her horseshoe kidney is doing great!  No concerns. The bloodwork checking her kidney and liver were also great. Since she has been sick her platelets have dropped quite a bit. They were 178,000 before getting sick, and a month ago when she was sick they dropped to 116,000, and last week they dropped further to 113,000. Normal is over 140,000. We have been trying hard to keep her away from people lately so she can stay healthy enough for her platelets to go back up (since we are in a never-ending cold and flu season). Her next draw is at the end of June, and hopefully they will be back over 140,000 again.

As for me. I've been feeling decent. Tired, and some mild nausea that comes and goes. Lots of food aversions. Pretty much all food sounds gross except fruit. At this point in my pregnancy with Macy I had severe morning sickness; so so far the twins are letting me off easy!  Although that could change! :)

Take care

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