Thursday, June 13, 2013

Macy and Babies Update 6/13/13

Just wanted to update how everything was going. Macy is doing well. We have been busy in the yard a lot lately ( when I say we, I mean Adam). We (Adam) brought in a bunch of black top soil and leveled out a portion of our backyard, seeded, and put Macy's playhouse together. She loves her playhouse. We call it her Doc McStuffins house. Haha. It has a sink, etc and her favorite thing is to pour a bottle of water in the sink and pretend to wash her hands. :)

Macy is due for her hem/onc labs in about 2 weeks. This will be the first draw since she was sick with back to back illness in March and April. Her counts were low then so I am anxious to see what they are now. Hopefully good. 

She also has her annual genetics appt in a few weeks. Most people have never been to these (why would you unless you have a genetic issue), but they are kinda strange. They basically inspect your entire body and make notes. There are certain criteria for every body part in terms of how big, long, etc. that it should be and they give everything ratings. From the size of your eyes, to the angle your ears sit on your head, and the distance between your nose and upper lip. They even rate the shape and positioning of your toes. Yeah strange. I always find myself defensive as they are going through and rating Macy. I don't know why...maybe motherly instinct or something.  During the appointment I always find myself wondering how NOT fun this guy would be at a party or social gathering. Is he constantly looking at people thinking "her frenulum is 1cm too long", or "his eyes are a half inch too far apart"  haha. 

As for me, my morning sickness has been horrendous. I feel like its slightly starting to let up (please). The babies are doing great!  I had my most recent ultrasound on Tuesday. They are both measuring great and heartbeats were nice and strong at 168 and 172. After the ultrasound tech did all the measurements (said all looked good!) we just sat and watched the babies for a while. They were pretty funny bopping all over. Doing yoga and headstands. Just for fun the tech wanted to see if we could get a hint of the genders at all. I was only 12weeks 2days so still very early to really tell. But it was fun to look and guess. She thinks they are both boys. Then she flip flopped back and forth on Twin A. Girl then boy. It'll be interesting to see what they turn out to be. My next ultrasound is in 4 weeks. I'll be 16 weeks and we should find out then. So excited!!!!

Take care

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