Friday, September 27, 2013

Macy bone marrow biopsy, etc.

So it's been a little while since I've updated, so I figured I'd quick do it while Macy is taking a nap. 

Macy had her 3 year well child last week. Everything looks good. We had planned on her getting her flu shot but two days before she started coming down with a cold which included a fever, so we have to wait now. She also has her HemOnc appointment on Monday. I am hoping her being sick this week doesn't affect her counts. Especially because since she was really sick in the spring, this was her blood draw to see how much (if any) that her counts bounced back. But now that she's sick again it probably won't be an accurate reading. We are all sick now, but the good news is it seems pretty mild. 

Also on Monday is Macy's very first bone marrow biopsy. I have been dreading it for the last two years, but the time has come that she has to start getting them annually. She will be put under so she won't remember anything, but will be sore for a little while. The purpose of this is to check for any cell abnormalities indicating the onset of leukemia or pre-leukemia, and to see how much of her bone marrow is actually producing blood cells. I'll probably find out more at the appt since I'm not completely educated on it yet since this is her first one. Adam is taking the day off work to be there as well, so that will be very nice. Macy is such a daddy's girl; it's very sweet. And we will be allowed to stay with her until she falls asleep. And brought back in hopefully before she wakes up. 

We received our cord blood kits for the twins from Minnesota yesterday. They are huge and heavy. Wow. I told Adam we will probably need to wagon them in with us bc their is no way we can carry them. Haha. I'm having a c-section so they can collect both babies cord blood at the same time (which is important), and we have to get the kits to Minnesota within 24 hours of the collection. We are not comfortable fedex-ing something so important (especially during holiday season) so we will fly it there, or Macy's grandparents have volunteered to drive it there for us (about a 10-11 hour drive one way).  Once they receive them they will test the blood to confirm they are HLA matches for Macy and will freeze them and keep them until it's time for Macy's transplant.......which I really wish was never.....but more than likely will be within the next 2-4 years.   

My OB ultrasound last Wednesday looked really good. No concerns at this time. Both babies are in the 50%tile for weight, and keep switching positions so much it confuses the ultrasound tech sometimes. At my previous u/s Baby A was vertex and B was breech. Now it's the opposite. Before that both were vertex. And before that transverse. They're just super wiggly I guess.  I had my regular OB appt this morning and I'm measuring 37 weeks. I'll be 28 weeks on Sunday.  Things are truckin along that's for sure! 

Take care

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