Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just call me Scarecrow...literally! (Not for the faint)

So this week has been a a way.  I've been slow at updating because we wanted to wait for some test results to come back first, instead of just freaking out. So I'll start at the beginning. 

Some may not know this, but whenever you have multiples the placentas are sent out for testing instead of just being tossed out at birth.  About two days after the boys were born they told us the pathology report came back showing ESBL infection in both of the placentas.  In the placental tissue to be exact.  it's E. Coli, but it's not just one of the run of the mill E. Coli strands, it's a "superbug" which means it is extremely resistant to antibiotics. So they drew the boy's blood to send out to culture which takes 48-72 hours and started them on antibiotics. They were moved into isolation, and I was put in isolation as well. So my nurses had to "gown up" every time they came in my room after that. At first I was a little confused as to why I was in isolation, because I didn't have any signs of infection. The Dr came in the next day and said it was just a precaution bc they didn't know yet if the infection was limited to the placental tissue, or if it was in the blood. 

So we immediately contacted Minnesota and told them what was going on. If it was in the blood that means it's also in the cord blood which may deem it unusable.  Ahhhhhh!!!!

48 hours later the blood cultures came back negative. whew!  We were relieved.  So they discontinued the antibiotics. Still waiting on pathology report from the cord blood though. 

About 3 days later Emmet started having quite a few Brady's episodes (common in premature babies where they forget to breathe (apnea) so their heart rate goes too low). This prompted a CBC. Both Emmet and Reece had CBC's that were alarming and pointed strongly towards infection. So here we go again....they started antibiotics again, and sent out the blood to be cultured again. They said it is possible they had a delayed onset of that ESBL superbug. However they showed no clinical signs of infection (fever, etc) which was a good thing. We contacted Minnesota again to let them know and were still waiting on their results of the cord blood (they have to test for a bunch of things including confirmation they are HLA matched to Macy and this takes a little while). 

48 hours later was yesterday. In the meantime I was 6 days out from my c-section yesterday and was still in A LOT of pain. A part of my incision started oozing yellow. I knew that wasn't normal so i went for an incision check. 

The plan was my mom was going to drive me to my appt (in the same building as the hospital). We would get that done and visit the babies and find out the results of their blood cultures. WRONG! When I laid down at my appt and the dr looked at my c-section site she agreed it didn't look like it should. They had to peel all the steristrips off, and drain the fluid. Then they started opening me up (taking out the stitches and sticking q-tips down into my gut. Anywho, basically I had many pools of infected fluid all over and they said they'd have to open me back up completely. As in all the way across.......and they started doing it right there in the office until I put it to a stop. I couldn't take the pain and told them I needed something if they were going to do that. Meanwhile.....I think my mom was about to pass out...I was a bloody/gooey mess. They decided to admit me in through ER and give me numbing/pain meds before opening the rest up (thank goodness). And lucky for my mom Adam arrived in the nick of time bc learning what was coming next wouldn't have worked out well for her.  

In the midst of it all Adam said the Dr called and the blood cultures came back negative!!!  YES!!!!  They did CBC's again and they looked good! YES!  Must have just been a weird CBC the first time which can be common with premies.  We are still waiting on the results of the cord blood tests. 

So when I say "just call me scarecrow" I mean it literally. I'm stuffed now.....literally. In triage they gave me meds for the pain and numbed my stomach with lidocaine. They took out all of my stitches and opened me up. Took a syringe and doused the whole area with a saline and peroxide mix............and now for the fun part...took these long q-tips to stuff huge pieces of gauze inside my stomach. INSIDE MY BODY......not just down in the incision site, but actually stuffed down inside my abdominal cavity. They leave the gauze in my body, tape an abdominal pad over the area, and that's it. That all that holding me in. So my c-section incision is not being held together anymore. It's an inch or two opening just sitting there, and they said over time the two sides will find each other, and start to heal. So now everyday (morning and night) Adam has to take the pad off my stomach, reach inside my stomach and pull out all the gauze, re-clean it out with saline/peroxide, and use the long q-tips to re-stuff me full of gauze for the day/night. 

The good news is the boys don't have an infection, and they are really doing pretty great!!!!  I can't wait until they come home!

Take care


  1. OMG I don't even know what to say about what you have been through...My heartfelt prayers for healing and relief are coming your way.

  2. Wow! What a journey! I have been following Macy's story for three years now. I was on the Sept. 2010 board just like you were. I am so happy the twin boys are doing great! I hope that you start to heal fast!
    Prayers continue to come from me to your family!