Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our First Twin Adventures...

So the boys are 7 weeks old today!!  Yea!  I've noticed that I pretty much never call them 'the twins' or refer to them as twins. I'm not sure why. It's not a conscious decision. Maybe it's just easier to say 'the boys'. I don't know...anywho....

So yea they are 7 weeks old, and are getting sooo big compared to when they were born. Reece was so skinny at birth we could see his intestines through his stomach. Now he's a chubby-cheeks, and it's adorable!  Emmet is still a pound bigger than Reece but he feels so much bigger. He just seems like he's built much more solid, and that's why we call him "Tank"! Hehe.  They both have pretty easy-going temperaments so far. Some may have imagined it would be chaotic with a 3 year old and newborn twins, but it's usually pretty quiet around here. So far I would say it's been pretty easy, and not much different than having a singleton. But I'm sure that'll change once they get a little older. 

These last few weeks we have been just hanging out at home. Macy is doing awesome with her brothers. She picks out their outfits for the day, sticks their binky in their mouth if one starts fussing, gives them lots of hugs and kisses, and helps hold their bottle while their eating. We decided to be hermits this winter via the NICU doctors recommendation. Premies have immature immune systems still. If they were to get sick they would have to be hospitalized; and seriously I am soooo sick of being at the hospital. So we decided to limit their exposure to people for this winter. And also it will help because it's important to keep Macy healthy as well. 

In the midst of everything I almost forgot Macy has her Hemonc bloodwork/labs due...well, right now really. So I think we'll just do it the same day we bring the boys in for their sweat tests in about a week and a half. Honestly, up until today I haven't really though about the cystic fibrosis thing. We will know for sure in a couple weeks. If I think about it too much I'll just drive myself nuts analyzing every cough, sneeze, poop, etc wondering if it's a CF symptom, so I just decided to push it to the back of my brain where luckily it has stayed. 

We did have 1 family outing last weekend. We went out for breakfast down the street (in town which is about 2 miles away). We kept the boys in their car seats snapped into the stroller with the blankets kinda covering them to keep people away. They chilled in there while we ate breakfast, and we were back home before it was time for them to eat so they were none the wiser! :)
The funny part is when we walked in with Macy and the double stroller everyone gave us this crazy look like we were walking in with 50 children or something. Haha. It's only 3, people.....there are lots and lots of families with 3 kids. But maybe it just seems like there are more with twins?  I remember when my cousin Sarah had her twins she mentioned how twin crazy the public is when you go out. She was so right. When Adam brought the boys to their Dr appt he said people mobbed him....and a lady wanted to take pictures of them, etc. The same thing happened to me at the Dr office yesterday for their weight check.  And for some reason they want to stick their face in the baby's face. They can't just look from afar?  When we left NICU the March of Dimes gave us these signs to put on their car seats. They have a big, red stop sign on them and say "STOP, Don't touch the baby!!"  I'm thinking of actually using them next time. Haha. I know people mean well and are just fascinated with twins, but sometimes they don't think about what their doing.  
Me getting them in and out of the van is pretty hilarious. Since I was on bedrest most of the summer, then on hospitalized bedrest till they were born I am weak!!!  It takes all my might to get them loaded and unloaded. I feel like a wus! :)

Not to mention when I got home from their appointment yesterday I got the van stuck in the snow in our driveway so I had to carry Macy too, and I tripped and we both almost went face down in a snow bank. We have new neighbors that just moved in and I could see the silhouette of the guy through the front window watching my craziness. And of course since we were just running down the street to the Doctor I had on a sweeeet outfit of teal sweat pants, green knee-high boots, and a purple fleece. I can imagine it was quite the spectacle. Especially me spinning the tires on the van trying to get it unstuck before I gave up to carry the kids in the house. Atleast I got the van in the driveway this time. There was a time at our old house I got our SUV stuck, but it was teetering on a snow bank between the street and the sidewalk. Haha. 

Well, the boys eat at midnight so I better get going....I hope everyone has a great holiday!!  

Take care,

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