Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life in 2014!!

Happy New Year!!!  Yeah it's a little late, but better late than never. Things are going pretty well so far this year; A few bumps but well!  For those who missed it, Emmet and Reece had their sweat tests for cystic fibrosis on 12/30. They were both negative so that means they are only carriers!  What a relief that was. A carrier has no symptoms of the disease because their normal gene takes over and does what it needs to. So no worries! :). Their results were very normal. A positive is 60+, inconclusive is 30-60, and negative is anything below 30. They test 2 spots, and Reece's were 14 and 14. Emmet's were 17 and 19. 

The same day Macy had her Hemonc (hematology/Oncology) bloodwork done. Her ANC came back startlingly low in the 900's. Normal is above 1500. ANC is the absolute neutrophil count which is a specific type of white blood cell that fights infection. Her Dr called for a retest 2 weeks later. We had that done on 1/13 and the results were critically low in the 400's. <~~~~that is horribly low.  Hemonc told us if she were to get a fever we'd need to bring her to ER right away to get her on IV antibiotics. Having such an inability to fight infection could allow a blood infection. They ordered a repeat blood test for 1/20, and if her ANC wasn't higher they would do another bone marrow biopsy (noooo!) to make sure nothing crazy or alarming was going on with her cells (like leukemia or AML-pre-leukemia). She had her bloodwork this past Monday and her ANC went back up to 1,218 (yeah!!!!) which is wonderful news.  It's not in the normal/normal range, but normal for Macy so that's good!  

I was so worried we were on the start of something alarming with her counts. It will happen eventually, I just wanted to put it off for a while. Now that the twins are here, and they are healthy; more than anything Adam and I want atleast one year (2014) to be a normal family, and to live a relatively normal life. We have many weekend trips, along with long trips (Maine, Boston, etc. and Disney World) planned. And a lot of camping and boating too!  Just one year of that too much to ask for!?!?!  

Other than that little bump Macy has been doing great. We've been hermits bc of the boys and them being premature so she's getting a tad bored, but once spring comes we are gonna go, go, go!!!  Can't wait!  I missed out on so much last year. With having horrible morning sickness, then bedrest, then preterm labor, hospitalized bedrest, and complications with my csection incision warranting 3 surgeries in one month (that was fun); I was basically out of commission from June to November. So I am rearin to go! 

The boys are growing fast. Emmet 10lbs and Reece 9lbs. They will be 12 weeks actual tomorrow (4 weeks corrected). I can't believe Reece has tripled his weight since birth. He was soooo small. Emmet is close to tripling his weight too. They both have really bad reflux right now and it has affected their eating. We have them on meds and they are starting to do better now. They projectile vomit so that's not fun. Macy had horrible reflux and is why she has a Gtube now. We were able to recognize the symptoms early with the boys, and got them on meds right away. Now they're only puking up 1-2 bottles each per day which is a great improvement. 

I realized I haven't posted any pics of the boys on here yet, so here are a few. 

Emmet left and Reece right

Emmet, Reece, Macy
Reece and Emmet

Emmet and Reece

Take care

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