Monday, December 28, 2015

In Memory of Nathan Stewart

I've been wanting to do a post about Nathan for a while now, but wanted to give it a little bit of time.  Many that know the Stewart family know that Macy's Uncle Nathan (Adam's brother) passed away unexpectedly at the end of September. As anyone can imagine it's been a difficult time for Nathan's family and friends.
Macy really loved her Uncle Nathan. "He's soooo silly" she would say. And she always looked forward to seeing him when she went up north.  And when she would do FaceTime she would always want to see Uncle Nathan to say "Hi"!  
You see, Macy is the first and only girl on the Stewart side of the family. Adam only has brothers, and besides Macy we have two boys, and Adam's brother Greg has two boys. When Macy was a baby, and birthdays and Christmas rolled around it kinda left Nathan unsure of what to get a little girl. It was such unfamiliar territory with growing up in a house of boys. So, he came up with a wonderful and generous idea of opening a bank account for her. For each birthday and holiday he put money in there hoping that by the time she was a teenager she would have enough money for a car, or atleast a nice down payment for one. What a great idea, right? What teen wouldn't want that. 
So after Nathan's passing his parents (Macy's grandparents) asked if it would be ok with us if they turned that bank account Nathan had opened for Macy into a Bone Marrow Transplant Fund for her. At his memorial service they would ask in lieu of flowers that if people wanted they could make a donation to her transplant fund in memory of Nathan. They felt that would be what Nathan would have wanted. 

I must say we were honored, humbled, thankful, name it we felt it. I know Diane sent out thank you notes to those who donated, but I also wanted to say Thank You from us as well. There are really no words to express the appreciation and thanks we feel. We are truly so very thankful. And when the time comes for her transplant it will help ease the financial burden of all the costs involved in having a transplant out of state. 

As I looked at my Facebook page today a few memories from this date popped up on it. One was from exactly 4 years ago from Nathan. Macy was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia in May of that year, and Adam and I were in the process of getting tested to see if we were matches to be her bone marrow donor. This is his post. 
When I saw this tears came immediately. I knew because of this that today would be the appropriate day for this post. And I hope Nathan knows he did...he did raise thousands and we are forever grateful. Thank you Nathan, Macy is so blessed to have had you as an Uncle. You always put others first. We all love you. Rest in peace. 



  1. This made me cry reading it. What an awesone thing to do in his memory! So sorry for your loss, Nathan sounds like an amazing person.

  2. What a beautiful man he was inside and out. Some people just touch the lives of others in a very special way. Nathan was one of those. God Bless you and your family and I will pray for your child.

    1. Beautiful Memory. He will always be in our Hearts and always on our minds. I am sure this holiday season was very trying for his families. Thoughts and Prayers.