Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 2016 blood draw

Macy had her bloodwork done last weekend. It was her regularly scheduled draw that is without an appointment. Adam took her Saturday morning, and said she did pretty well. We used the emla cream this time with press n seal to hold it in place. It seemed to work well for her. She picked out a red, plastic, bendy snake as her poke prize. :) 
Her platelets have dropped a lot; pretty much by 50% since January. They are around 40,000. Her other counts look ok (around the same as they usually do these days). She is typically at her worst (in terms of counts) this time of year due to a school year full of exposure and illness. We will see what her June/July counts look like before I start to worry. Hopefully they will atleast hold steady and not go down too much. Looking forward to summer and staying away from large groups of people! 

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