Monday, November 14, 2016


Macy did end up having her surgery last Monday. We did bloodwork the Saturday before, and her platelets were 31,000 and ANC was 900.  Even though her platelets dropped, her ANC was the highest it has been in over 6 months, so it was a go!

The surgery itself went well. Macy stayed on the couch at home for about 3 days afterwards before she felt good enough to get up and walk around. We let her try a half day of school last Thursday, and she went all day on Friday. She was getting around better. Macy's FA Doctor from Minnesota wanted us to recheck her blood to make sure her counts were holding after surgery.

We checked it this past Saturday, and were really taken back by the results. Her platelets fell to 12,000 and ANC to 340. Just for some perspective on how bad those numbers are...there are many kids who have their bone marrow transplant before their numbers get that low.

Macy has been at home in isolation since we found out. We were sent to get her bloodwork today, and her ANC is still 340, and her platelets 18,000. We know this drop is from the surgery and are expecting them to increase eventually. I'm not sure if they will go back up to what they were, but should go up. When/if her ANC gets back up to 500 she will be able to return to school. Since we can't be around people we have been taking drives, and playing outside away from public areas.

Adam was able to take the boys up north for a few days so I can focus on Macy. I've been watching her close for fever and bleeding.

Her next check is next Monday. We are hoping for better news then.

Take care

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  1. I'm sorry you've all had to hide away for a while! Praying those numbers go up quickly for Macy's sake and yours!